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Meet the Dutch companies who are joining us for CES 2024: believers of responsible tech, and ready to co-create solutions for even bigger positive global impact.

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2DAYSMOOD offers an entirely new approach to solving the great challenges of any organization dealing with the rapidly changing labor market for attracting and retaining top talent and maintaining optimal organizational and operational effectiveness & efficiency due to ever faster process of digitization and evolving employee expectations about personal growth opportunities and work/life balance, through our proprietary SaaS tool measuring & identifying individual moods and emotions to develop unique & targeted strategies for improving happiness and mental wellness within organizations, providing real-time insights linked to company KPI’s & comprehensive backend-dashboard for internal analysis enabling quick data-driven decisions for positive cultural and mental-wellness change.


absolute audio


AAL have developed the best performing hearing enhancement solution available on the market for TWS earbuds, OTC and prescription hearing aids. This award-winning hearing suite provides manufacturers with the best (clinically) proven music performance matched with world class speech intelligibility. AAL are also the innovation leader in the emerging category of SoC-based (generic chip) hearing aids. 2024 will bring the 3rd generation of the PYOUR Audio platform, offering significant improvements in battery life and miniaturization.



Addoptics’ mission is to accelerate the adoption of augmented reality devices by simplifying the integration of the complex optical systems that these devices contain. Our ARx smartlenses bring together waveguides, light engines and ophthalmic lenses with individual prescription for every eyesight – so that AR glasses can truly become our next every day all day tech device.



Alphabeats unlocks next level mental performance. The Alphabeats training system leverages this understanding of alpha and beta waves to induce recovery, relaxation and focus through music. The system collects live neurofeedback data from an EEG headset. This data is used in real time to dynamically adjust music by our scientifically proven and patented technology, in such a way that the induction of more alpha brainwave activity is rewarded.



AMES develops a unique remote patient-monitoring technique to safeguard COPD patients from potentially life-threatening and costly hospitalizations. It measures changing tidal-breathing patterns expressed as standard flow-volume curves, which are directly recognized by doctors and support early interventions. The technique is extremely patient-friendly and accurate, and it resolves a long standing missing link in remote patient-monitoring.



On a mission to reshape technology interaction, Arc's first product "Pulse" redefines the premium phone case market by balancing aesthetics, quality, and protection in a way that sets a new standard for the category. Combining high-end materials, an innovative 100% recyclable design and seamless design integration with your iPhone, Arc Pulse let's you feel your phone like it's meant to be.



Axelera AI is providing the world’s most powerful and advanced solutions for AI at the edge. Its game-changing Metis™ AI platform – a holistic hardware and software solution for AI inference at the edge – enables computer vision applications to become more accessible, powerful and user friendly than ever before. Axelera AI has operations in 15 European countries and its team of experts in AI software and hardware hail from top AI firms and Fortune 500 companies.



Beecot visualizes 3D BIM models on sight through AR, VR, 3D and 2D. Bridging the gap between BIM and the physical building (reality), it provides real estate professionals a tool to get to and benefit from a Digital Twin. Beecot connects with your DMS, IWMS and issue platform to unlock all relevant information in one app. It prevents fail costs and rework during construction, supports use cases like BIM-based inspections & model validations and cuts maintenance time.



BREGGZ is about to market the world's first fully wireless custom in-ear computers [IEC]. Each ear is unique in the world, like a fingerprint. BREGGZ makes every device custom, fully fitted to your left and right ear. A device that is a high-end, highly capable, luxury hearable and as much a fashion statement as your Swiss watch or designer bag. “I just want the world to hear what I hear” so therefor BREGGZ offers; A+ Audio Experience, made to measure jewellery, Smart luxury and Patented Cartridge technology



Bubl Cloud, a Personal Data Cloud, utilizes a patented Reverse Data Model enabling companies to develop Secure and Privacy-Safe Services. It reconciles the challenge of combining data with privacy concerns, allowing innovative companies to use Combined Data from different sources securely. Powered by AI through Federated Learning, Bubl Cloud ensures GDPR-compliant AI-Solutions, facilitating Secure & Privacy-safe Personalized Experiences in healthcare and e-commerce. It's the key to unlocking the potential of data while safeguarding individual privacy.

carbon x


CarbonX offers an EV Battery Electrode Material, to counter future graphite supply shortages, while enabling fast-charge and extended range at the same time.

concept 7


Concept7 is a strategic digital agency. As your strategic ally, we guide you to digital triumph: from comprehensive research and imaginative design to a meticulously evaluated end product designed for your target audience. We translate business objectives into digital solutions that users genuinely enjoy. The user is at the heart of our approach. While we pride ourselves on spearheading innovation, we are most passionate about being measured by the extent to which we achieve our clients' goals with digital solutions that users adore.

code glass


In an era of rapid digitalization, Codeglass is at the forefront of transforming software development. Our proprietary solution empowers organizations globally to efficiently manage their digitalization processes. We optimize coding efficiency, offer real-time code insights, and expedite issue resolution. By eliminating the need for extensive collaboration, we ensure GDPR compliance and data protection for responsible digital transformation.



COTIT provides a 360° Data Traceability Platform that exists out of Modular Software Components that unifies systems to consolidate data and enable Value Chain visualization: optimation and integration. An interoperable platform that enhances any operation in any industry to meet ESG, Efficiency, and Innovation goals. Counting back to Net zero based on real-time data.



Dayrize is the world-leader in product level impact assessments, working with global retailers and brands. Our software provides rapid impact assessment aligned to globally recognised ISO standards across your entire product portfolio. But we don’t just assess the impact of your products, we provide actionable insight that will help you get to your destination (your sustainability goal) faster, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

dialogue trainer


CES Innovation Award-winning Simulation platform for Training professional Conversations in a safe Virtual environment to Advance Effectiveness in Leadership and overall Organisational Effectiveness in a Fast Changing Work environment. Evolved into the most Effective Tool to solve the huge Challenges for Employers, our validated conversation models make Impact on work practice Measurable and Improve KPIs Worldwide.

Dology boosts productivity of customer-facing teams by up to 20% with modern knowledge infrastructure. Using the latest AI technology, Dology seamlessly captures and comprehends the knowledge and insights contained in daily interactions as well as existing product documentation, and automates the writing of high-quality content for knowledge bases, help centers, and responses to customers. This significantly reduces internal overhead and boosts customer satisfaction by empowering self-service. Every customer-centric organisation can now leverage Dology instead of hiring extra customer service reps.



Dopple is a high-tech company specialized in the design, development, and industrialization of miniaturized smart wearables. We are an experienced team of people who were at the inception of the Bluetooth technology and developed the very first Bluetooth headset. With 100+ years of shared experience, we continue to develop advanced technology and realize highly personalized products that support people’s need.



DoseRx1 is a desktop 3D printer of final dosage forms that enables personalised dosing of active pharmaceuticals through a patented semi solid printing process enabling decentral production of medicine. The printer enables more pharmacies to compound high quality personalised medicine locally, standardized and on demand.


Engaige revolutionizes customer service in ecommerce by autonomously resolving customer service inquiries through AI-powered conversations and automatically performing actions in company systems. Our system seamlessly integrates with your software suite, allowing for automated actions and a tailored approach to any business. This results in companies increasing their revenue by providing high service levels and reducing their costs by up to 40% while offering 24/7 customer service



EW2Health BV is an innovative Dutch startup with friendly, data-driven solutions to improve health. Sinque™, launched in 2023, is a patented cloud-based, AI-driven stress-free monitoring and behavioral analytics solution revolutionizing weight loss programs by significantly reducing dropout rates and increasing long-term weight loss success. Sinque eliminates anxiety and frustration with the ups-and-downs of the scale, motivates and empowers users to monitor themselves, while providing professionals with actionable insights, improving business and weight loss results.

eyeQ is a hardware product that lets you send natural eye contact in your video calls.The device rests on top of your screen. It contains a transparent mirror and a camera. When you look through the mirror at your screen, the camera catches the reflection of your eye gaze. Calling with eyeQ makes you more credible, and also reduces video fatigue. Compatible with laptop, MacBook & desktop.

ez factoty


EZ Factory is an innovative SAAS Company with a software solution called 'the EZ-GO platform': One intuitive platform for Digital Standard Work that scales results effectively within the manufacturing industry. The simple and visual software platform is used in factories to digitize checklists, first-line maintenance tasks, audits, work instructions and skills management to optimize operational effectiveness & efficiency of factory floor operation



Elevating VR & AR Creation for Business, Retail, and Education with AI-Powered Avatars. Our platform empowers you to craft captivating interactive 3D environments without any coding expertise, now enhanced with AI-driven avatars for dynamic interactions. The Fectar app, available on Meta Quest, Pico Neo, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Android, and iOS, has garnered 6 million global downloads. Plus, seamless cross-device collaboration sets Fectar apart. Join us at CES and witness the future of immersive technology!

Flow beams


FlowBeams is developing a revolutionary needle-free injection technology that promises to transform multiple industries, including pharmaceutics and cosmetics. Our cutting-edge technology addresses the shortcomings associated with traditional needle-based methods, which include needle-phobia, environmental pollution and safety concerns. Our goal is to provide personalised, safe and comfortable treatment options to millions of individuals while contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing mountains of hazardous waste generated by traditional injection methods.



Focus AI built the world's first platform that can reliably forecast the technological future using advanced AI technologies. It turns out that winning technologies show clear and measurable patterns. We extract these patterns from patent data and make them available in a SaaS tool so businesses can make strategic investments in the right emerging technologies. Next to forecasting, we enable R&D leaders to get up to speed on new technologies 100X faster by giving them AI-powered tools for trend scouting, technology summaries, and technology deep dives. The entire platform works through natural language and is very easy to use.



Challenges lie within today’s labor market; labor shortage, increasing costs of employment and internal efficiency problems. Despite the advancements of the AI revolution, resolving issues isn’t as straightforward as we think. Freeday offers digital employees in the KYC, Customer Service and Accounts Payable markets focussing on large enterprises. By using Digital Employees instead of process automation, we take over tasks in the most human way possible using natural language



Unlock full potential of business enterprises by using proprietary cutting-edge cloud solution Enterprise Managed Kubernetes platform without being tied down by vendor lock-ins. Brings together scalability by design and the open source cloud. A powerful platform which fits a multi-cloud strategy for growth & innovation, and immediately comply with all applicable EU laws and regulations. Our focus is on data portability & digital sovereignty and enables moving applications and workloads seamlessly across different environments.



Development platform grounded in principles of Positive Psychology & Design Thinking, offering an entirely new approach to the major challenges organizations face in recruiting, retaining, and developing talent. By giving employees the tools to discover their strengths, motivations, and ambitions, Happybase fosters meaningful dialogues around personal growth. Meanwhile, employers benefit from valuable insights enabling them to craft effective employee development strategies that nurture the vital soft skills required in today’s evolving workplace.

health plus enables proactive surgery care: PERISCOPE, our validated AI/ML-based decision support system, predicts the risk of bacterial infections after surgery with high accuracy and is completely workflow-integrated. PERISCOPE sets health care providers up to treat infections earlier & therewith reducing their impact, and discharge their patients safely. It enables the development of personalized & precision healthcare practices as major tools for control of ever escalating healthcare costs.

Holographic Technology based plug & play HoloBox enabling Viewing & Learning things with greater Depth than Ever before, Revolutionizing industries through Three-dimensional Visualizations adding entirely new Dimensions to Medical procedures, Education, Immersive Consumer Experiences & Entertainment. Seeking Distributors & Dev. partners.



Infuse Video is a SaaS platform that leverages AI to enable any business to quickly turn their ideas, scripts, and/or existing content into high-quality, audience-specific videos that deliver a measurable impact to their business at scale. Customers will be able to cut the time and costs it takes to create, publish, and update videos by 95%, and will be able to infuse and highlight specific elements for specific audiences or even individuals to maximize video impact and engagement.

ink invent


Ink Invent BV, a privately-owned company in the Netherlands, proudly presents RheoLight™—a strategic innovation in effect pigments designed specifically for the mobility and automotive industry. Founded in 2018 by passionate engineers and entrepreneurs, Ink Invent is committed to reshaping the color landscape through its transformative 'Tunable Detection & Determination Technology.' With an extensive global patent portfolio, we are redefining color functionality, enabling enhanced visibility and detection of all traffic participants, contributing to a safer traffic environment."

in phocal


Founded in 2019 as a CERN spin-off, inPhocal creates a unique new type of laser beam that challenges the current standard: With our innovative optical technology we can improve the efficiency of production lines in terms of output, speed, sustainability and cost. We can outperform current inkjet and laser marking technology and introduce the next generation technology in laser based wafer dicing both for traditional semiconductor technology and photonics technology.

Intrinsic id


Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading provider of security IP based on physical unclonable function (PUF) technology. PUFs can be added to virtually any chip through hardware or software and provide extremely strong security. Intrinsic ID hardware root of trust solutions validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect government and military systems. The technology has been deployed in over 500 million devices certified by EMVCo, Visa, CC EAL6+, PSA, ioXt, and different governments.



Klippa offers a wide range of automated document processing and data extraction solutions. By employing technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI, the company provides document processing software that converts unstructured data into computer-readable structured information, without the need for manual labor. The tech company serves more than a thousand customers worldwide with various product lines. These include software for accounts payable automation, scanning receipts and invoices, claims processing, identity verification, and data extraction.



LiveDrop Technology addresses modern digital challenges with their secure, offline, and unidirectional technology. By opening the doors to a world where individuals have control over their digital interactions, they create new opportunities for data exchange, interoperability, and information management. Simply by sending data through or scanning the LightDrop code, they facilitate seamless and offline data exchange. Their patented X-Platform Technology guarantees users access to digital connectivity benefits while preserving privacy and security.



Livery is a video platform. It offers a versatile, affordable and powerful way to engage an audience with live video, sound and interactivity. Enjoy worry-free low latency, synchronization, and interactive video without breaking the bank.

lv energy


Noise pollution is everywhere, our goal is to use the loudest noises to make usable energy. Where the air is filled with sound waves, a lot of energy is floating around; totally wasted in most cases. For example, the noise coming from a wind turbine is very annoying for anyone living close by and doesn’t add up to the energy harvested by the turbine. Until now; with LV Energy’s patented technology, we can convert these sound waves into usable electrical energy. The WaveHarvester Solid is the first electric energy generating product based on the sound wave to energy harvesting technology by LV Energy.

manti psectra


MantiSpectra is launching Nibble™: the Smallest NIR Spectral Sensor module in the World for Material Analysis. With ChipSense™ inside, our Patented Miniaturized Photonic Spectral Chip, and together with advanced AI functionalities, it presents a breakthrough solution for Fast, Cost-Effective, and Non-invasive testing of Product Properties, offering great Scalability and Customization using Real-Time Near-Infrared Analysis. Suitable for applications including Industrial Process Control, Product Recycling & Circularity, Pharmaceutics, and Smart Agriculture and Next-Generation Consumer devices.

medical x


Medical X leads the way in revolutionizing medical education and training. Our lifelike patient simulators, coupled with advanced software, empower healthcare professionals to elevate their skills and deliver superior patient care. We bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring medical personnel are prepared for real-world scenarios. At Medical X, we're committed to reshaping healthcare training and improving patient outcomes.



Moos' AI solution digitizes your shelves & racks for full visibility there where it happens. The MOOS effortless inventory operating system automates all kinds of processes, such as (re)ordering and stock counting. MOOS enables best product availability with minimum inventory whilst preventing overdue products. Our solution eliminates heavy dependency on manual labour, improves sustainability and lifts customer experience to the next level



Discover the future of visual innovation with Morphotonics' groundbreaking large-area nanoimprint technology. From cutting-edge mobile screens to immersive AR glasses, we help create unparalleled products at the nano & micron-scale. Experience high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing at its finest.

my global logo


My Global Workspace - Entirely new approach to solving the worldwide problem of shortages in top talent & skilled labor to tackle the major challenges of our global society, requiring ever more complex & costly solutions and cross border tech partnerships, by unlocking the huge talent pool in emerging markets with an innovative remote internship platform for remote deployment of those talent pools at the right time, location and cost, benefiting both private & public organizations.



Naya Create is the modular and ergonomic mechanical keyboard offering unparalleled customizability for creators. With its hot-swappable modules, users can tailor their keyboard experience to various workflows, including 2D and 3D design, coding tasks, office work, and more. Designed for optimal comfort, its split and tented design promotes natural hand alignment and improved posture, reducing strain. The Naya Flow Software further enhances customization, providing re-programmability and full adaptability to meet any creator's needs.

no watch


NOWATCH is the world’s most beautiful smartwatch that helps you understand the effect of your lifestyle on your health. With real time feedback about activity, sleep and stress, it helps you to recover from daily stressors, so you can live a happier, healthier life.

Ommatidia LiDAR is developing a new architecture for 3D optical ranging and measurement. Our biomimetic sensor can combine continuous wide-beam illumination with sensitivity to single photons. This unlocks new levels of performance in terms of the combination of range and resolution. Ommatidia's Q1 system generates 128 beams of laser light, which make it possible to locally measure both sub-millimetre displacements and the vibration of large structures in real time.


retina scope


RetinaScope started with the insight that better screening for eye diseases can be achieved with a low cost, handheld fundus camera. We are launching our first product, a handheld retina imaging device for screening. This is especially focused on screening at primary care (doctors office, pharmacy, optician, mobile screening) for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. Early detection of eye diseases will reduce blindness and improve quality of life for patients and allow specialists to focus on treatment and reduce waiting lists.



SABENDER offers an entirely new approach to employee engagement focusing on empowering & nurturing talent, solving the great challenges of rapidly changing work places. We support organizations to become resilient which requires advanced tools promoting A) mental well-being at the workplace, B) new leadership skills, and C) microlearnings around power skills. SABENDER uses AI/ML based technologies to quickly assess all well-being, health & organizational effectiveness aspects and provides data for bespoke interventions.



SandGrain is taking electronic bar coding to the next level by replacing the classical paper barcode with a new breakthrough technology: an electronic, small, and easy to integrate token IC that performs highly robust authentication using a secure cloud service. The IC can be read remotely and uses guaranteed unique, hard-coded identities. With this system all nodes in complex, networked systems – the entire IoT ecosystem – can be robustly authenticated, making it a solid fundament for advanced security.



Scantinel is a leading FMCW sensing technology company offering next-gen LiDAR solutions for automated mobility. We integrate the complete LiDAR on a chip leveraging silicon photonics technologies. This enables solid state scanning, unique path to cost optimitzation and reliability improvement. FMCW, compared to the legacy ToF technology, is also bringing longer range detection, velocity information and immunity to harsh weather conditions. This makes Scantinel's technology unique.



Sencure designs advanced chip technology for medical wearable applications. Together with partners around the world we significantly improve vital signs monitoring solutions for remote monitoring applications in healthcare and health tracking wearables in consumer electronics.



SenseGlove develops force and haptic feedback gloves that enable professionals to feel virtual objects and interact with them more efficiently for VR training purposes. SenseGlove’s proprietary force feedback technology enables lifelike interactions, allowing to feel size, density and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, the gloves allow you to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it’s real. Every interaction using the SenseGlove makes virtual reality feel like a physical, real-world environment.



The food technology company Sevvy created patented pulsed electric field-based heating technology for fast food preparation at low temperatures. Through integral heating ensuring perfectly cooked fresh meals in minutes, retaining 40% more nutrients, less salt & sugars and no baking fats needed. Up to 90% less energy compared to traditional cooking, significantly reducing food waste by eliminating under or overcooking, making food preparation a far more sustainable process while capitalizing on major worldwide trends promoting healthy eating.



SLIMDESIGN is a design agency that develops consumer electronics for multinationals and startups. They created PhoneCam™: the World’s first low-cost, miniaturized AI bodycam. It provides personal safety by deterring & de-escalating unwanted behavior. It is affordable (59 dollars), unobtrusive (compact and lightweight), easy to use (with a simple button press you activate the alarm), and has AI low light video enhancement. PhoneCam™ is the ideal solution for people and professionals who have to deal with aggression.



smartQare, established in November 2017, is a Dutch MedTech scale-up ready to present ‘viQtor’, its innovative CE marked (MDR) class II IoT-based 24/7 monitoring solution for Remote Patient Care to the US market. The next generation smart wearable offers unique medical grade digital biomarker measurements and analytics for in-hospital, care organizations, assisted living facilities and homecare applications. It addresses shortages of healthcare staff, improving patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, enabling personalized & precision healthcare.

solution air


SolutionAir has developed a patented technology enabling the conversion of fossil fuel powered engines, in any type of mobile & static application, to zero-emission power units using compressed air generated with green electrical energy, as the most sustainable solution for meeting the global aspirations in the field of major reduction in the use of fossil fuels for power units. Founded in 2021 by Rudi Standaert and since 2023 powered by Lars Kool.



Solvimon, founded by ex-Adyen leaders, is a pricing and billing platform that offers an end-to-end solution that empowers your business to monetize product features, usage, and seat-based models seamlessly.

splendo health


Splendo Health is a Dutch-American Digital Health startup from Duke University. Splendo Health's vision for health equity is to optimize the health and wellbeing of individuals everywhere, while mitigating costs for the healthcare and performance partners, through the implementation of a novel Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF)/VO2 max assessment using mobile apps, and select wearable technology. A solution that is comparable to an in-hospital Cardiorespiratory Pulmonary Exercise Test (CPET), without the expensive overhead, nor operating costs.



Starnus’ Patent-pending robotics solution solves the many operational challenges of a globally exploding logistics industry by offering the world’s first Fully Modular Autonomous Mobile Robot system, powered by AI intelligence, for wide range of warehouse operations, effectively combining the flexibility & adaptability of human labor with the most advanced tools for warehouse automation & digitalization with a 200-300% instant increase in operational efficiency and highest possible accuracy in order fulfilment.



StellarUp offers a comprehensive platform that caters to all your learning and development needs, enabling a holistic approach to your organisation's personal and professional growth strategy. Powered by data-driven insights, StellarUp empowers you to refine and enhance your learning strategy as your organisation grows. It's versatile, scalable and delivers exceptional value for your investment. Optimise your organisation's learning resources to their fullest potential with StellarUp.

SuperLight Photonics has miniaturized the supercontinuum, wideband laser into a handheld device. This opens a world of in-field applications previously not accessible. With our product mounted on a drone, we can support aerial surveillance, precision farming and crop monitoring. Handheld devices open the applications of forensics, material & surface inspection, environmental sensing and quality control. To understand the advantages of wideband lasers compared to monochromatic lasers, consider the difference between color TVs and black-and-white TVs: the superiority of the color TV doesn’t need additional explanation.

Surfix logo

Surfix Diagnostics pioneers cancer diagnostics with its photonic platform, featuring a versatile biosensor. This user-friendly, reliable technology detects multiple biomarkers from different domains simultaneously in liquid biopsies. With low unit costs and scalable production, it promises to revolutionize early cancer detection and treatment monitoring.



Our mission is to make the global phosphate market circular. SusPhos has developed a novel technology to produce sustainable phosphate products out of waste water. Phosphate products are essential for life as fertilizer and other chemical products. The multi-patented, circular process using existing “urban mines” will reduce the dependency on traditional “linear” fossil mines. After successful pilot testing, we are developing the first factory in the Netherlands

Squad mobility


The world’s first Solar City Car for sharing and private use. The ultimate smart urban mobility solution for emissions, congestion and parking.

token me


Experience the benefits of real-time construction data at your fingertips with TokenMe. Our wearable tags enable zone-based presence, fall detection, and emergency alerts, as well as monitor assets like equipment and tools. Paired with sensor hubs that gauge ambient site conditions, all data feeds into our cloud dashboard for actionable insights. For leaders in project or risk management, compliance, or security, visit us to see how TokenMe is shaping tomorrow's construction sites.



Urban Mobility Systems is a clean tech engineering company that enables zero-emission construction equipment and mobility solutions. UMS, founded in 2016 by Lars Kool, is an OEM supplier of zero-emission powertrains for the electrification of construction equipment and vehicles with a focus on series production. Our customers are OEMs, distributors and fleet owners/operators. Our expertise in battery-based electricity systems means that we are often called upon to support leading manufacturers and importers with electrification solutions.


Experience the future of drive-thrus with Vox AI's Voice AI technology. Our intelligent system streamlines ordering, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, while offering personalized upselling. Embrace a seamless, stress-free experience for both staff and customers, transforming every drive-thru visit into a quick, enjoyable, and smart interaction. Join us in redefining fast food service with cutting-edge AI.



Assistive Voice Technology and Calling App converting whispered speech (people who stutter severely speak relaxed while whispering) and vocal cord-impaired speech (throat cancer, vocal cord paralysis, ALS) into a person’s natural voice, in real-time. For non-patient users, Whispp enables silent phone and video calls with more privacy and not disturbing the people around you.