Top score CES Innovation Awards for NL startup & Scaleup mission to CES Las Vegas 2024

The delegation of 70 startups & scaleups representing NL at the largest technology trade show in the world, CES Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2024, scored again very high with 12 CES Innovation Awards granted across multiple tech categories. The CES Innovation Award is one of the most prestigious and worldwide most recognized tech award, validating the exceptional nature of those innovative products which will be presented at CES 2024 by the NL country delegation, and for which awards even the largest of global tech companies compete. These are the winners: 

• Axelera 
• Doser 
• Focus 
• Healthplus.ai 
• InkInvent 
• LV Energy 
• Mantispectra 
• Naya 
• Sevvy (also won the Best of Innovation award) 
• SlimDesign 
• Susphos 
• Whispp

LiveDrop enthusiastically launched an innovative app for offline data transfer between devices – ideal against hackers.