About Accelerate the change

Accelerate the change is an international campaign, calling all start-ups, scale-ups and the complete ecosystem surrounding it to work together and ignite positive change.

NL AtC campaign sticker

Every change starts somewhere, by someone

To solve the urgent challenges we face today, we need to start designing solutions for the world we live in tomorrow. We need smart, creative and ambitious people who can turn new ideas into profitable enterprise. And we need collaboration to take them beyond.

The Netherlands offers start-ups and scale-ups an extensive ecosystem to flourish, explore, experiment and play. With critical thinking capabilities taught from the start in school and a purpose driven mentality, we can proudly present a wide range of promising and ambitious companies, each on a mission to make a positive impact on the world.

But imagine what we can do, together! 

Get in on the action

Whether you are a designer, a techie, an investor or a consumer. Whether you started yesterday, today or tomorrow. Wherever you are in the world: by coming together, we can accelerate positive change.