Participating companies VivaTech

Meet the Dutch companies who are joining us for VivaTech: believers of responsible tech, and ready to co-create solutions for even bigger positive global impact.



We provide neurofeedback technology to improve mental performance in professional athletes.


Clonable makes website communication with non-native speakers much easier. Clonable copies, translates and maintains your website. And it does so continuously, so you never have to worry about whether a certain product, blog or page is translated.



Colecti adds trust to web3 fundraising. Our platform is designed to ensure that fundraising projects live up to their commitments. Colecti combines the values of DAOs and the trading capabilities of NFTs to give users confidence in promising projects.

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A Traceability Platform with a modular system that is designed to stimulate the circular economy, (fair) employment, and increase innovation. We are consolidating Supply Chain, Business Operation, and Product Usage Data to get Full 360° Visibility.



Close is a communication platform for in-app messaging. We provide hyper-personalised messaging through our own platform, as an SDK and via a white label solution. Close is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, USA and with a few projects in France.



Deeploy helps you to stay in control of your ML models. Easily deploy your models on our responsible AI platform, without compromising on transparency, control and compliance.



At Enlabeler, we enable global businesses to build their best AI. The AI landscape is at an ignition point and we’re helping companies that are at the start of their AI journey but also companies that are well-advanced in the application of AI. Global data scientists and ML resources are scarce, and we have a solution for that. We are building an ecosystem with data and AI professionals across Africa, and ensure young people from marginalized backgrounds become part of the AI revolution.



Winning technologies show clear and measurable patterns. Focus' AI-powered forecasting tools unveil these patterns and help you predict the technological future. By using our tools, technology-focused corporations and governments can anticipate disruption and make strategic investments in emerging technologies.



With Food For Analytics our mission is to optimize the food industry by eliminating waste, optimizing business processes, and increasing sustainability through Data & Analytics. Our team has helped 50+ organizations in the food industry transform data into actionable insights.



We have developed and produced a bioplastic composite consisting of nettle and biopolymers that performs up to 76% better than conventional bioplastics. This can replace technical plastic in 30% of cases.

Scaling Founders is a Virtual Incubator platform that gets delivered to incubators, universities, startup programs and ecosystems. We bring the best expertise, coaching and founder-2-founder networks to any ecosystem in the world.



Sensip-dx uses technology to detect living bacteria in food products and during food production. To detect living bacteria in food products takes 2-3 days. That is a burden for the food industry: it takes way too long for a sound business operation. Sensip-dx will test, on site, for living bacteria in JUST 15 MINUTES.



Sevvy is a food technology company which has created a technology that enables healthy, sustainable and fast cooking. With this patented technology, it is possible to prepare food without baking fats and use up to 50% less salt and sugar. Moreover, up to 90% less electricity is needed to prepare food and the ingredients are always cooked to perfection. How? Integral heating is achieved using electrical currents. This allows rapid cooking at an exact and low temperatures and, as a result, vitamins and nutrients are perfectly preserved.



We offer a white label widget (web app) to sports and festival organizations. The widget enables their visitors to share their rides.



Building the future of chef-to-consumer commerce. We allow restaurants & chefs to reach new customers across the country in ways that were never possible before.



Space4Good is an innovative social enterprise utilising earth observation technology for social and environmental good. Combining remote sensing, geographic information services and artificial intelligence, we map, analyse and model complex ecosystems and support leading organisations and institutions on topics such as nature-based solution (NbS) monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) such as biomass assessments for bio-based carbon markets, deforestation detection and prediction, agroforestry monitoring and management, smart agriculture pest and disease early warning systems, humanitarian aid, air pollution and sustainable urban development.



Consumer Solar: Solar Panels that customers can buy directly in a DIY store, order via our website or via energy resellers.



Syntho is a data technology organization with a strong expertise in AI-generated synthetic data, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was founded in 2020 with the goal of solving the global privacy dilemma and enable the open data economy, where data can be used and shared freely and privacy guaranteed. We offer privacy-preserving synthetic data to unlock your data and take away legitimate privacy concerns.



We develop an interactive haptic Virtual Reality treadmill, where the user can freely navigate and move into VR worlds. To bu used for sports, Therapy, simulation, gaming etc. The product is patented because of the innovative and intuitive steering that gives the user a 360 degrees freedom navigation into virtual reality worlds.



Saas Platform to helpt clients with our eSignature, eDelivery and eSeal solutions.