Participating companies VivaTech

Meet the Dutch companies who are joining us for VivaTech: believers of responsible tech, and ready to co-create solutions for even bigger positive global impact.



Blockheating specializes in CO2 optimized IT infrastructure. With renewable energy, efficient cooling, options for refurbished hardware and heat recovery at local greenhouses, we ensure a minimal environmental impact while delivering an edge network of IT capacity.



BranchKey is a Federated Machine Learning Platform-As-A-Service company. The BranchKey platform allows users to connect their machine learning models in order to learn from and collaborate with other users on the platform. BranchKey enables it’s clients learn from external data sources without exposing sensitive data.



The future is electric and connected. We made the Brekr Model B because a logical electric bike didn’t exist. Combining history with the future for a unique design with innovative features and materials. An electric bike that puts a smile on your face, any time you ride it.



Bubty, freelance management software, enables companies to become flexible by easily managing their flexible workforce in one unified system. Bubty automates and streamlines the entire workflow of managing freelancers. This increases scalability, while decreasing administrative work. This way costs turn into a long term asset.



CyberHydra develops automated sampling and data-rich experimentation solutions for fine-chemical R&D laboratories. Increase the productivity of your lab with our patented sampling and in situ PAT technology.



Simulated Reality -Interacting with 3D objects in a virtual environment, without the need of any headwear or wearables. A true natural UX, without any learning curve.


Elementa is a highly specialised voice assistant for scientific research labs. It understands scientific terminology and experimental workflows. Scientists can fully interact with Elementa by voice to guide them throughout their experiments in the lab and document their data real-time and hands-free. Elementa is proven to save 30% of scientists' time, increase the quality of data capturing by 40% and increase productivity by 20%.  



Farmvent is the vertical farming module that lets you grow sustainable greens affordably, whenever and wherever you want.



Flux Robotics is a startup originating from the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands. We are devoted to providing surgeons with helpful tools. Not only tools that they need but also tools that they can trust. We build on this trust by ensuring first that they understand our technology. Follow our journey of scientific-driven design and development.



Fundsup helps early-stage startups, investors and tech ecosystems build trusted relationships and easily exchange knowledge. Startup founders can unlock a network of investors by building a dynamic pitch deck and update their followers. Investors can use our platform, where startups and tech ecosystems are added daily, to discover new investment opportunities easy and efficient.



HoliZyme is a spin-off company from the biotechnology department of TU Delft, that aims to develop enzymatic solution for the industry. HoliZyme proposes research services for all actors of the industrial chemistry. Our uniqueness is based on our strong know-how about enzymes, especially peroxygenases that catalyse oxyfunctionalisation reactions. In this domain we aim to extend the application scope of this enzyme family and we are currently developping a platform technology, which integrate both enzyme library and efficient data management.



Our patented InPhocal Optical System is able to reach the incredible 400X longer depth of the laser beam, 
making our product an extremely interesting added value component. Offering an instant and very large market for our proprietary product, considering the worldwide demand for this sustainable NextGen labeling & product coding capability.



Lox is disrupting logistics by bringing transparency and savings to e-commerce players worldwide. In a market that is ruled by monopolies, Lox is stepping in to make the market fair for e-retailers globally. By building a SaaS platform for transparency and savings, e-retailers are globally able to generate huge savings while also getting in control again of their logistics. E-retailers only pay a fee on the savings realised. A win-win solution.

Mystery City


Mystery City Games makes city and online games based on real stories from history.

Natures Principles


Natures Principles develops and implements fermentation-based biochemicals production technologies to replace oil-based chemicals and outperform alternatives in terms of water usage, emitted CO2 and arable land usage. 



Pholtaire designs a façade-integrable solar chimney, able to capture solar energy more efficiently than current systems.



Purplexus offers a solution for accurate temperature monitoring in countless applications in industry, lifesciences and health. Our sensor platform is a unique combination of technologies that offers a cost efficient, low-profile, customizable sensing platform which is adapted to the demand of the customer. 



PRESCRIPTION is a beauty tech company and a spin off of the largest cosmetic clinic & beauty treatment chain in the Netherlands. It’s our vision that this industry is heading towards complete personalization. PRESCRIPTION challenges the big beauty corporates both in tech as in a new vision on beauty products. PRESCRIPTION uses data, AI and human expertise to personalize every beauty advice. Furthermore, our beauty products are not one-size-fits-all but highly dosed pure & active ingredients to mix & match according to each personal prescription. 



Salacia Solutions is bringing Tech to Sustainability. Salacia Solutions developed the innovative #ClimateTech SaaS platform that moves your company from green ambitions, to green results.So no more manual data entry or exploding Excel-files for your ESG / Climate reporting. And foremost direct actionable insights on your environmental impact.



We offer cost effective, robust, high yield manufacturing solutions for high-performance optics that are used in many products such as smart phones, smart glasses, and cars.Our product range includes production equipment, consumable materials and processes for high volume production as well as R&D and pilot production.



Sharesquare offers a SaaS platform that companies use to create and manage financial incentive plans for employees, helping them to attract and retain talented and value-driven people



Smart Guard combines Application Technology, a Sensor and A.I. for Veterinarian Healthcare use. Our App makes sure the hardware and algorithms can work fully autonomous. Our Sensors monitor the vital signs of your pet. Our Artificial Intelligence, can give diagnosis based on the output of our complete system



Space4Good is an innovative social enterprise utilising earth observation for social and environmental good. Combining remote sensing, geographic information services and artificial intelligence, we offer monitoring, reporting and verification solutions to increase transparency and operational efficiency for impact leaders at scale.



Starnus Technology is a young startup that is focused on revolutionizing the notion of Autonomous Mobile Robots, by making them "Bespoke" or in other words, customized for each customer. We have developed a novel modular way of manufacturing AMRs which allows us to customize each robot for our logistics customers who need mobile platforms to automize the cargo transportation processes inside their facilities.



Tradesnest is a B2B SaaS-Marketplace that revolutionizes the B2B industry by removing the barriers for brands looking for distributors and retailers to enter new markets. With Tradesnest, getting your innovations on retailers’ shelves in new markets around the world has never been this easy!


Wellbased offers personal development training programs tailored specifically to secondary-school students, to prepare them for the future. These so called soft-skills trainings are made available to teachers, via an online subscription based platform.