Participating companies for CES Las Vegas 2023

Here they are: the participating companies who will be embarking on the CES Las Vegas 2023 adventure with us. Let's fast-forward responsible tech!

On a mission

The Netherlands is proud to unveil its participants, joining us for CES Las Vegas this January. The list consists of  startups (part of The Netherlands Tech Square) and scale-ups (part of the Next Level Innovations Pavilion) in a wide range of fields like health tech, fin tech, mobility, sports, agro tech and water, to name but a few. But what they all have in common, is that they are focussed on making an impact on the world for the better. Without further ado, let us introduce you to...

On the Netherlands Tech Square:
AgXeed B.V.

AgXeed provides autonomous agricultural vehicles. They design, build and deliver ready to use autonomous units, in respect for good agricultural practice. And offer configurable specifications and options to serve your needs and to improve your results.



Alphabeats improves athletic performance through mental training. This patented, non-invasive mental training method uses scientifically validated neuroscience methodology to achieve top athletic performance.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*



AYAVAYA developed and produces a capsule with patented technology that can eliminate severe stress complaints within 20 minutes. Our target group are companies who want to improve the mental fitness of their employees and companies that focus on improving health such as gyms, hotels and spas. 


Bubl is restarting privacy safe innovation on personal data, by enabling innovators to create privacy safe services in the cloud.

Bubty B.V.

The BUBTY platform enables companies to easily manage their flexible workforce in one unified system. BUBTY automates and streamlines the entire workflow of managing freelancers and contractors. 


Budget2Pay offers a unified SaaS platform to manage your procurement, finance, turnover & inventory with
realtime insights.


CarbonX is a revolutionary new carbon material that helps tiremakers meet the increasing demand for sustainability, safety, and performance.


ChatLicense is the smartphone diploma for first time mobile users, teens & (grand)parents. Helping a new generation to use screens responsibly and resiliently.


Crdl offers human-centred interaction design to create meaningful connections between people with physical or cognitive impairment and their caregivers.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*


Dayrize provides accurate, rapid and holistic impact assessments of consumer products, even when supply chain data is missing or fragmented.



eLstar is revolutionizing the smart glass industry. Our patented technology for manufacturing the world’s most effective dynamic glass, uses proprietary Electrophoretic Light Modulator (ELM) technology yielding the widest dynamic range, lowest effective manufacturing cost and highest energy savings properties of any dynamic glass technology.



GreenSwapp is an API service for online food platforms and supermarkets to track product or recipe-wise carbon emissions at scale. GreenSwapp's algorithm uses product metadata and machine learning to trace product supply chains and find the carbon footprint in seconds, making climate impact tracking cheap so that food companies can focus their efforts on how best to reduce it.



Headroom Assistance is a global software- and services platform that educates and manages Remote Executive Assistants for C-suites & Founders.


InPhocal developed an optical technology that makes laser applications such as marking dates on all surfaces and materials more efficiently.


Livery is a video platform. It offers a versatile, affordable and powerful way to engage an audience with live video, sound and interactivity. Enjoy worry-free low latency, synchronization, and interactive video without breaking the bank.


MantiSpectra is industrializing ChipSense™, a miniaturized spectral chip that can measure material properties in real-time and most accurately.



Moovd bridges the gap between the lack of psychologists and the growing (digital)healthcare needs of patients without the therapists. 



Naya develops an ecosystem that empowers digital creators. Naya Create is a modular keyboard increasing efficiency, flexibility, and health.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*



Neurocast offers a platform centred around passively monitoring patients, so it can cater to a wide variety of research needs.



Nostics has developed a platform that will bring instant and reliable testing for viruses and bacteria to every corner of the world. Meanwhile creating a global monitoring system to provide insight into the spread of infectious diseases, generate valuable data, and act as an early warning system for the world.


NOWATCH is the first wearable in the world helping to address the growing mental health crisis by giving people the ability to easily monitor and predict stress levels.


Nuwa is a start-up to look out for, launching 13 October 2022....


Occam Dx develops a disruptive, real-time, accurate diagnostic platform, using simple nanoelectronics than can detect a single virus particle. 


OneThird is the first to predict shelf-life of fresh produce, enabling real-time decisions in the food supply chain,  preventing food waste.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*


Orbisk monitors and reduces food waste in professional kitchens by employing progressive AI technology, improving sustainability and profitability.

Quix Quantum


QuiX Quantum is market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware and quantum technology solutions. Recently, we released the world’s most powerful Quantum Photonic Processor for photonic quantum computing and information processing.


RobotWise provides interactive, gamified programs for talent development with social robots as a tool, for schools and organizations.



Scantinel's approach of using frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) LiDAR sensors for obstacle detection and avoidance, object detection and tracking, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is considered a game changer and a key component for autonomous driving. 


Sencure is a medical device company that develops high-end chips and medical wearables to accelerate and improve remote patient monitoring.


SmartQare is a startup providing a class IIa medical 24/7 monitoring solution for data-driven clinical decision support in remote patient care.


SOVN - Smart Teeth Grinding Solution - is the revolutionary in-ear wearable that detects and reduces excessive teeth grinding and clenching.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*


Starnus focusses on developing a highly flexible autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution, which allows third-party logistics (3PL) companies to deal with their rapidly changing operations in an effective, efficient and sustainable way.


 Steambox: rechargeable, steam, smart. It's the self-heating lunchbox. Enjoy a hot meal anywhere, anytime.

TokenMe B.V.

TokenMe is an innovative Dutch IoT technology company with an experienced, Netherlands-based management, software and hardware development team and Singapore-based manufacturing and supply chain partners.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*



Upmarqt matches businesses with freelance talent within minutes


VRelax is a scientifically validated Virtual Reality app to relieve stress and improve mental health. Let them help you relax!


WasteWatchers is AI driven forecasting and food waste monitoring for food service companies. To optimize profits and reduce (food waste) costs.


Whispp's AI speech technology converts whispered and vocal cord impaired speech into a person’s natural voice, wíth the intended intonation, in real time.




WorkBoost's app and dashboard are a micro-activation and feedback software system designed to provide managers, consultants and coaches the necessary insights to maximize engagement and skill development of people and teams. 

*Innovation Awards Honoree*

On the Next Level Innovations Pavilion:


ACS's multi-user data platform ClimaticsTM is the leader in Next Generation Building Intelligence. They offer an unique approach to Building Installation & Property Management through Digital Twin Technology and MachineLearning Algorithms. With their system you can save 15 - 40 % on energy consumption, in both new and existing buildings. 

*Innovation Awards Honoree*



Axelera is a powerful, efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly hardware and software AI platform to accelerate computer vision in edge devices.

AAL - Absolute Audio Labs


Absolute Audio Labs & the PYOUR™ Audio software platform: award-winning innovation leadership for SoC based (OTC) hearing aids and TWS earbuds.



AddOptics manufactures custom, freeform polymer optics using AM and casting. They can deliver prototypes (within 6 days), but can also seamlessly scale to series production.



BrainCreators presents Seagull, the AI-powered digital inspector that combats illegal activities in harbors through automated surveillance.



Capstone is a specialized distributor of 4G/5G wireless WAN and IoT, with solutions for every location, application and industry.

Dialogue Trainer


Dialogue Trainer is the NextGen simulation platform for conversation training. Developing leadership, service and cooperation with measurable impact on your business.



Dimenco is in the Simulated Reality (SR) display technology which allows interacting with 3D objects in a virtual environment. They unite hardware, software and technology to deliver fast, rich and natural three-dimensional experiences, no wearables required.

EZ Factory


EZ Factory is a proprietary SaaS based platform, uniquely integrating multiple digital tools for optimizing operational effectiveness and efficiency of factory floor operations by digitizing checklists, core tasks, audits and work instructions within your factory. 

Greener Power Solutions


Greener Power Solutions reduces the CO2 footprint of temporary power markets, by using its own fleet of large batteries and in-house energy management software.


GSES is a one-stop sustainability platform, translating over 560 existing international sustainability standards into a universal score and explanation.



Homey unifies all your smart home products in a single system. Control, automate and monitor your entire home with Homey.



Hydraloop is a multi-CES-award-winning venture that designs and produces disruptive, decentralized, consumer-friendly, IoT-connected, compact, in-house and scalable greywater recycling solutions for residential and commercial real estate. 

*Innovation Awards Honoree*

Intrinsic ID


Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading provider of security IP for embedded systems based on PUF technology, which utilizes the inherent uniqueness of every chip.



iTapToo transforms vending by offering a zero-waste solution to refill bottles with a healthy & delicious alternative to traditional sodas



iXora is a manufacturer of future generation electronic and immersion cooling technologies. iXora builds energy-saving cooling solutions that enable existing and future data centers to save enormous energy and the associated costs. 

Kepler Technologies


Kepler Vision Technologies is developing unique combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Advanced Computer Vision technologies for remote monitoring of vulnerable patients in hospitals & care homes to instantly detect needed assistance to secure patient well-being & reduce healthcare costs, through immediate medical intervention while facilitating the challenges of worldwide shortages of medical staff.



Leadax: Circular Waterproofing Materials. Leadax manufacturers highly circular and sustainable flat roofing out of unusable plastic waste.



LeydenJar developes batteries with 70% more energy. The secret lies in ultra-thin, pure silicon battery anodes that enable a lower CO2 footprint with significant cost savings.

*Innovation Awards Honoree* 



Morphotonics is all about nanotechnology for micro & nano-scale surfaces for Nextgen mobile device screens, immersive AR glasses, higher efficiency solar panels, and high accuracy sensors at lower costs, through unique high precision and a large volume manufacturing process.

Nowi B.V.


Nowi is a semiconductor company specialised in energy harvesting, with PMICs designed to sustainably power consumer electronics and IoT devices.



RanMarine aims to empower people and organizations across the planet to restore the marine environment to its natural state. Our data-driven autonomous technology creates this opportunity by cleaning an monitoring our waters. 



SODAQ is a world leader in durable tracking and sensing solutions, producing solar-powered IoT hardware for enterprise-sized deployments.




Sorama provides the world's first revolutionary multi-use acoustic camera platform, where users can gain direct insights where sound is coming from and act upon. Insights that enable the development of better sounding, sustainable products, safe and quiet working environments and healthy liveable spaces in a fast and cost efficient way. 



Squad is the world’s first solar city car for sharing and private use. The ultimate smart urban mobility solution for emissions, congestion and parking. Squad charges its batteries on direct solar from a solar panel on its own roof. Alternatively the Squad can charge from the grid. Squad is the first 4 wheeler specifically designed for sharing platforms through solar charging, swappable batteries, cross parking and a robust design for the rough reality of sharing. 



Supersola: adding Solar Power to your house within 10 minutes? You can start now with Supersola Plug & Play Solar Panels. Works on wallsockets worldwide.

*Innovation Awards Honoree*



Tradecast's Video Management System brings industry-leading tools to every content owner looking to become an independent broadcaster.

TrueKinetix B.V.


TrueKinetix invented and launched the world's first robotic smart bike. Cyclists who train indoors get the same experience and resistance as they do outdoors. The robotics will give you maximum resistance during the push and help you through the dead stand. Now you can train your stamina, but also your strength. 

*Innovation Awards Honoree*



Trunkrs is a tech-plan for sustainable delivery. We offer services as same & next day delivery to e-commerce shops. With a #1 rated customer experience we are on a rising tech journey to be faster, more reliable and 100% emission free.