News and highlights

Going to VivaTech Paris with this many ambitious participants in your slipstream means there is always news, highlights and celebrations to share. 

Sevvy at VivaTech: Technology that enables healthy, sustainable and fast cooking

(June 15, 2023)

Sevvy is participating VivaTech in Paris and for four days the company is serving delicious Sevvy orange VivaTech pe+t fours at the NL Lounge. The sponge cake of the pe+t fours is baked in less than 2 minutes with Sevvy technology. The orange compote is easily prepared and is using 90% less electricity, retaining full flavor and vitamins up to 40% more, and using only 15% sugar versus regular compotes. A radical new way of cooking and baking.

Read more about Sevvy's technology being presented at Viva Tech here

Millions invested in Utrecht-based AI guardian Deeploy

(June 15, 2023)

VivaTech Paris participating company Deeploy, which monitors artificial intelligence (AI) applications on behalf of companies in the financial and healthcare sectors, has raised a total of 2.5 million euros in investment money. The backers include the SI3 Fund, a so-called impact investment fund that aims to maximize social returns in addition to financial returns. The investment in Deeploy is a way for the SI3 Fund to help prevent the application of AI models in everyday practice from leading to unwanted discrimination and greater inequality.

Read more here.

Space4Good at Xprize Rainforest 

(June 7, 2023)

While one part of the team of Space4Good is conquering Paris at VivaTech, the other part is rocking in Singapore in the semifinal round of a competition called Xprize Rainforest. The team Re-Forest-ER, and other participating teams, have to come up with innovative solutions for surveying rainforest biodiversity in a data-driven automated manner. The Total Prize Purse of the competition is $10 million and the First Place winner gets $5,000,000 (Five Million USD) for continued research and development into the project.