The Dutch participants for Slush 2022

With no less than 72 promising startups and scale-ups, the Dutch mission to Slush is bigger than ever! Scroll down to discover this year's participants and their disruptive products and services...

Bigger than ever

The Dutch delegation to Slush is growing each year. Not only is this year's list of participants bigger than ever, it also sees a nice mix of health tech, fin tech, agro, mobility and energy players. All on a mission to contribute to a better world, and with true startup character: disruptive and bold. Challenging the way we think, live, eat, work and play.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to:



Aeroscan offers a 3D geographic information system in which a unique hybrid process captures maintenance conditions, actions and costs in a database at building section level.

Aletta Solutions


Aletta Solutions offers Alva, an AI-powered conversational agent that makes data collection more engaging for patients in clinical trials. With Alva, patients receive a human-like interaction and feel more motivated to remain in clinical studies. 



Aristotle develops data-driven and personalized cognitive training software, supporting, challenging, and engaging individuals and teams in the development of their cognitive abilities. These cognitive abilities include, but are not limited to, inhibitory control, anticipation and working memory. 



AquaSmart XL helps customers with quick visual inspections, detailed and standardized inspections of complex water related civil engineering constructions as well as 3D modelling for engineering support. Their remotely controlled aquatic drones provide a flexible, quick to deploy platform to operate several types of sensors so that you can reach places where normal inspection is difficult, too dangerous or simply not practical. They help to observe and inspect civil engineering constructions as well as their surroundings, giving all the needed information for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation, engineering or insurance.

BlueGen ai is an AI-based synthetic data generation platform. BlueGen's platform mimics your real data and generates privacy-safe synthetic data to accelerate data-driven innovation.



Bypoint  is a compact phone/app independent device which ensures cyclists can travel safely. By automatically sending an alert to three emergency contacts after a cycling accident and by collecting anonymous accident data to help improve cycle paths.



Cabbit is a taxi platform that connects travellers with established taxi companies. The traveler can book taxis in our mobile app and Cabbit sends the trip to local taxi partners. Unlike other taxi apps, we cooperate with traditional taxi companies instead of freelance drivers. Therefore Cabbit is able to offer taxis not only in the bigger cities, but even in less populated areas. 



Carver aims to make it possible to drive smarter, faster, cleaner and cheaper. Their microcars offer the safety and comfort of a car combined with the maneuverability and size of a scooter. With their patented tilting system and efficient way of driving you will never want anything else.



Circularise’s software system helps suppliers in chemicals and plastics, battery materials, metals, and other industries to trace and share material data including bill of materials and environmental data without risking their sensitive information. By extension, it helps brands and OEMs to monitor their supply chains, get visibility into their own Scope 3 emissions, comply with upcoming due diligence regulations, and implement the circular economy in their operations.



Clonable let's you easily clone a website, making it even easier to promote your services or products to non-native speakers. Instead of building an entirely new website and having to transfer all the content, possibly having it translated, and maintaining two sites, Clonable makes a foreign site within a week. Because it is a live copy, changes on the original site are automatically applied (and translated) to the cloned site. 



Closure unburdens heirs by finalising all contracts and accounts of the deceased person. The service is free of charge to heirs, as Closure provides a B2B SaaS solution, designed to eliminate the customer service workload related to handling an organisation’s deceased customers. Organisations (banks, telecom, insurers, utility companies, charities, etc.) replace their existing ‘death notification process’ with Closure’s solution, which acts as a one-stop-shop for heirs to inform all organisations at once. Currently, 1 out of every 5 passings in the Netherlands is reported via Closure.



Codean developed a toolbox to make security experts perform code review 2x faster; up to 10x for specific tasks. This Codean review environment is a SaaS solution for whitebox pentesters, ethical hackers and security analysts: everyone who wants to do source code review more effectively. Features range from keeping track of what is reviewed, to symbiotic taint analysis, to easy report composition.

Coders co is a company started by computer science PhDs who just want to code. Building computer systems and process data for governments, healthcare, marketing and more. Resulting in applications: PDF2GIS (an AI-powered application for processing construction plans and turning them into geo-data), Rax (a scripting language for advanced analytics on behavioral data) and Journeylytics (distills online customer journeys from click-stream data and visualizes them in an interactive dashboard).

Corvus Drones


Corvus Drones is specialized in autonomous greenhouse drone data-collection and helps growers to optimize production and grow more sustainable. Customers get the Corvus growth reports, which vary from seed germination, flower counting to pest and disease detection. With the crop insights, growers can reduce crop risk and organize their supply chain more efficient.



Cradle beliefs cells can theoretically produce almost anything, from fabrics to food, fuel and medicines. Designing cell-factories is hard, but their tools and machine-learning models can make it easier. Cradle's mission is to ultimately help replace traditional farms and factories for a more sustainable world. Using generative machine learning models to transform how biologists find, understand and improve proteins, makes it easy for everyone to start building products such as medicines, food, chemicals and materials with biology instead of oil or animals. 



Cryocop captures industrial flue gases (carbon/nitrogen capture) and turns them in purified products (O2, N2, Liquid CO2) to circulate in the industry. The business model is to generate revenues from both emission cleaning and the sale of industrial quality gas. Cryocop's technology is currently at TRL 3-4. They are open to research, industry, and investor partnerships and currently applying for research funds.

DT Solutions


DT-Solutions develops Through Barrier Analysis and Identification Solutions. In many industries being able to discriminate materials with very similar characteristics behind solid barriers creates great value. Our main application is an alarm resolutions solution for security purposes. Moreover, our technology adds value in industries like customs, mining, recycling and others. 



Enatom is the anatomy atlas of the future: a unique combination of 3D photorealistic anatomy and cutting-edge visualization technology. It provides a substantial addition to the digital education landscape for health student and teacher alike.



Findest aims to bridge the gap between research and innovation by implementing 10.000 innovations within 10 years. To reach this goal, Findest optimizes the collaboration between human- and artificial intelligence with an in-house developed R&D intelligence tool IGOR^AI. IGOR^AI can be used for technology scouting, R&D intelligence, and centralizing knowledge. The IGOR^AI search algorithm reads and interprets technology descriptions in science using natural language processing (NLP). This enables IGOR^AI to acquire functional technological knowledge directly from scientific articles and patents. 



Fledgerr offers an end-to-end, fully digital solution for companies to create and manage legally valid incentive plans and cap table. Our tool enables companies to attract, retain and motivate talent through a variety of option plans and provides easier onboarding of investors with our cap table management.

Flow Money Services


Flow helps users reach their financial goals, using their PSD2 license to provide money automation for personal finance and improvement solutions. They do soy offering their own app, but also by integrating their technology with neobanks and other financial services.

Flux robotics


Flux Robotics is a medtech spinoff devoted to delivering magnetic, tele-operative surgical robotic tools to surgeons and healthcare professionals. Mobile electromagnets on robot arms allow for the wireless, magnetic positioning and steering of flexible surgical tools to treat diseases. Low-risk, multi-modal imaging modalities are integrated to provide clinicians with enhanced visualization of surgical instruments inside the body, all helping clinicians to improve their surgical dexterity, reach a higher positioning accuracy of surgical instruments and shorten intervention durations.

GBM Works


GBM Works offers a silent method for installing offshore wind turbines. Their goals is that by 2025, they will have introduced an established method of installing monopiles in the sea, without negative consequences for the environment and more efficient than the current methods, so that more renewable energy can be generated with the same investment.



GreenSwapp is an API service for online food platforms and supermarkets to track product or recipe-wise carbon emissions at scale. It typically takes about 6 months to trace product supply chains and find the carbon footprint, but GreenSwapp's algorithm uses product metadata and machine learning to do this in seconds. This makes climate impact tracking cheap so that food companies can focus their efforts on how best to reduce it.



Greenzeen is a B2B SaaS solution offering an innovative and climate neutral alternative to print media. Organisations that want to create online publications should be able to do this easier, faster, more measurable and more sustainable than currently possible. Greenzeen is developed to do all those things: easily create and publish, share with your readers and receive valuable insights. Create publications that are fully responsive, dynamic and on-brand. Bonus feature: Greenzeens are completely green! We compensate traffic and hosting by planting trees.



Hable's mission is to make technology accessible for people with a visual impairment by bringing them the best assistive interfaces and applications. With products designed to assist smartphones or tablets with a simple and intuitive interface, wireless and ergonomic designs with tactile buttons.



HirePort is a platform where you can put the 100 best niche recruiters to work with the push of a button, without having to manage them. Like AirBnB and UBER changed the markets of travel and transport, HirePort reinvents the market of external recruitment.



Heimdall Sensor Intelligence wants to play a part in the transition to data-driven maintenance. With their first sensor: the window pollution sensor, the company strives to optimize window cleaning operations. Implementation of their sensor might be beneficial with respect to quality assurance, cost reduction and sustainability.  



Hundo is the world’s first on-chain learn and earn campus for Gen Z, enabling a generation of young people to learn and earn wherever they are in the world and helping to fulfil Web3’s full potential with an agile, future-skilled workforce.

Integer Technologies


Integer Technologies wants to solve the challenge of building future-proof, affordable and sustainable installations for social housing. It offers a shared installation product that provides 6-8 apartments simultaneously with sustainable heating, cooling, ventilation, and hot tap water, while residents benefit from an extremely low energy bill.

Make Waves

Make Waves is a brand new, easy-to-use distribution service that lets you upload your music to streaming and download services. It helps you build your audience, see trends and get paid so you can keep creating.



Managescape is a management consulting tool that helps managers of medium and large companies objectively assign employees to project teams based on their unique profile (personality, soft and strong skills) as well as considering the chemistry between members. By making use of AI and neuroscience, Managescape comes up with the best team component for your projects.



Mantispectra offers innovative sensing solutions for instant material analysis. Their ChipSense™ has the same power of a near-infrared laboratory condensed in a chip and the SpectraPod™ allows users to build predictive models exploiting advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time measurements. Both stemming from a belief that integrating spectroscopy at a wafer level will open up new applications where volume is key: from quality measurements in agriculture and food to raw material identification in recycling to mobile healthcare and chemical analysis in consumer devices, pervading soon our everyday life.

3D Medical Support


3D Medical Support uses the latest innovations in 3D printing technology to create tailored products which support medical professionals around the world. By converting medical imagery into files suitable for 3D printing, the gap between the world of digital 2D and physical 3D is bridged. The resulting products greatly increase surgeon focus, confidence and communication between caregivers.



Naya Create is a modular keyboard for creative professionals which unifies fragmented computer input devices into one seamless ecosystem, replacing the need for devices such as mice, 3D navigators, trackballs, trackpads, and dials. It streamlines creators' workflow to be more efficient, intuitive, and healthy - all while being the thinnest mechanical keyboard design to date. 

Oasys now


Oasys Now is a web3 B2B cybersecurity & secure computation platform in the field of healthcare & biotech, specializing in genomic data. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, it is bootstrapped, and run by diverse founders from TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Centre, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), and lead engineers from Amazon, Meta, and Google. Oasys Now provides an ethical-by-design and privacy-first data exchange and secure computation platform that enables sharing of large sets of DNA and health data, while fully preserving the privacy & identity of the citizens.



Opteamize is a team development platform that helps leaders identify and resolve team challenges.Based on the science of team effectiveness, their automated advice, performance tools, and expert coaching helps managers create an agile and high-performance culture.


Orchest has built a data workflow orchestrator that lets data scientists, data analysts and data engineers develop, iterate and deploy data pipelines without having to rely on a dedicated infrastructure/engineering team.



PAKT is developing new return logistics for the collection of consumer packaging. While we have become impressively good at transporting goods as fast and as efficient (read: as cheap) as possible from A to B, getting the packaging back from B to A is an unsolved problem. PAKT is here to solve this, starting with glass.



PesCheck is international digital employment screening, helping clients with assessing whether your (potential) employees and business relations are the right choice. Independently, transparently, and compliant with (international) laws and regulations.



Planalogic offers real estate clients unique, fact based insights to manage the uncertainty and volatility of early stage real estate development. Clients can make faster and better decisions by simultaneously analysing feasibility, sustainability and affordability. Leveraging the consolidated insights based on billions of designs generated by AI. (Planalogic is the winner of the Vastgoedmarkt Innovation Award 2021 powered by ING and is selected as one of the dutch representatives in the EU AI startup landscape.)



Protyon offers a software solution for hospital oncology boards to provide crucial advice on the personalized treatment options for their patients. Instead of basing the medical descition on an educated trial and error approach only,  Protyon provides knowledge guided therapy selection for each individual patient.



Quan is a Y Combinator backed platform which helps busy teams develop healthy rituals to improve wellbeing and team performance. We do this via a self-assessment which identifies underlying causes of poor wellbeing and by matching proven solutions for individuals and teams. Quan’s engagement is 80%. People leaders love having an overview of what is going on, team by team, and how Quan enables managers and teams to address topics themselves instead of relying on HR.

Quantum Delta


Quantum Delta aims to  create a fully functional national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, for highly talented professionals to bring quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum sensors to the market.



Relement is a Dutch pioneer in the emerging industry of renewable chemistry. They create and produce valuable and special bio-based aromatics from renewable non-edible biomass residues. This results in better aromatics, better quality end-products and above all: a better world, since they are the missing renewable element for many difficult-to-recycle products such as coatings, adhesives, lubricants and specialty composites. Relement's products provide an unmatched combination of sustainability and improved performance. 



SAVR is a subscription based VR platform that focuses on safety training. Users can train place and time independently and experience lifelike simulations. Providing hardware and software, SAVR runs a local network where multiple devices can be connected from one laptop.


Sharesquare offers a SaaS platform that companies use to create and manage financial incentive plans for employees, helping them to attract and retain talented and value-driven people.



SHIFT is developing a small-scale energy system that uses the excess solar energy generated by farmers to produce green hydrogen. This green hydrogen can be used locally by the farmer as fuel for hydrogen-powered forklifts, tractors, boilers, and other equipment, or, it can be used for applications outside the farm. With widespread adoption of such small-scale energy systems, all hydrogen production facilities together will contribute greatly to a greener future through more effective use of energy.



Silverflow can immediately provide value, create efficiencies, and opportunities for all payment companies – whether they are renowned incumbents or up-and-coming fintechs – with a modern and easy-to-use cloud platform for global card processing.

Size Right


SizeRight is developing a virtual fitting assistant to tackle the most pressing issue in fashion e-commerce: high return rates due to wrong size or fit. Appr. 50% of all fashion items ordered through online channels are returned, constituting a huge waste of capital-, human- and material resources and emitting tons of unnecessary carbon emissions through the logistical process. Our hyper-personalized size recommendations significantly decrease retailers’ operational expenditures and carbon footprints, and enhance the customer experiences of consumers, thereby increasing sales and profits.



SoundCell helps doctors to identify and prescribe the right antibiotics in only one hour with a device that measures nanoscale motion from living cells with graphene membranes, not limited by the growth rate of pathogens. By reducing the current antibiotic sensitivity timeframe from days to hours, SoundCell technology not only ensures correct administration of antibiotics, but it also significantly reduces hospital stays, representing a state-of-the-art leap forward in terms of sensitivity and speed.



Spatialise developed a soil organic carbon monitor API. The product estimates the soil organic carbon content of topsoils, based on polygons of (smallholder) farmland, using satellite data and AI. This information is valuable for monitoring and evaluation of the carbon footprint of food value chains: from farm to fork. Next to that, the data provides insights and analytics of regenerative agriculture, such as land restoration initiatives.



StageGate11 is the developer of the Delta R® sensor. Based on differential reflectance spectroscopy, the Delta R® can do standoff automated inline detection of small materials like drugs, fungi, explosives and metals. Their  main application is the Delta R® Shoe Scanner which screens shoes of passengers for traces of explosives without the need of taking them off. is in the SAAS HR tech business, predicting talents and team success. It is the ultimate Future of Work tool, to select, build and analyze teams, wherever they work, and offers explainable AI to boost team success, get data driven answers and actionable results.

Thematic Tech Transfer


Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) is a cooperative alliance between the Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs) of TNO and 4TU and two tech-focused Dutch venture capital funds, Innovation Industries and SHIFT Invest. From an early stage, researchers and young spin-offs can turn to TTT for advice, access to network, and funding, so they can efficiently and effectively expedite the practical application of promising research.



TILER is disrupting the way of charging light electric vehicles. Most charging solutions for shared e-bikes are cumbersome and aren’t universal. TILER wants the world to have one tile that charges all e-bikes. That’s why they hired a specialized engineering team and partnered with TUDelft and experts in the field of Wireless Power Transfer to create a reliable and efficient solution: a charging tile, whereby the bike is inductively charged via the kickstand while it is parked. Their  patented technology is compatible with more than 80% of e-bikes and they are continually adding more to the list.


Ubiqu's data provenance platform secures the supply chain of business critical data. It is the first eIDAS high compliant solution which can be retrofitted to any existing mobile phone, application or device. 


Valyuu is a circular economy marketplace that provides people with an easy and trusted way to sell & buy pre-owned goods. Founded in 2021, Valyuu is a Techstars portfolio company.



Vartion is an AI and data analytics company that enables organisations to apply state-of-the-art intelligence in their processes and products. From compliance and risk decision support to automatic data retrieval systems to rapid AI prototyping.



Villari delivers revolutionary wireless structural health monitoring sensor technology to continuously measure crack growth in steel structures. Clients can use this valuable information to make data driven maintenance decisions. Using their sensor systems, large bridges, industrial cranes or port cranes can be utilised beyond their calculated lifetime in a responsible way, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions generated by premature replacements. 

Young Heroes


Young Heroes is the coaching and career platform for young professionals in the marketing, communication, data and sales space. Matching young talent with expert coaches, providing field-relevant trainings and workshops and sharing uncanny advice on career and development-related topics.