2022: let’s fast-forward responsible tech!

This year, the Netherlands is calling the international startup scene to come together and accelerate change, while hopping from one big expo to the next.

This year we go in search of like-minded counterparts who want to join forces to see positive change happening. Starting with CES 2022 in Las Vegas, travelling to VivaTech in Paris, and from there to Toronto, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Lisbon, Amsterdam and back to Las Vegas again. 

Photography: Vivatech
Responsible tech

Data management, the Internet of Things, blockchain and artificial intelligence: technological innovations and applications follow each other in rapid succession. And they have the potential to help tackle some of the biggest problems of our time. But it is our challenge to use the opportunity of this technological revolution not only to improve our lives, but also the way we manage our planet, its resources and the people living on it. Therefore, responsible tech will be at the heart of our messaging.

Who we are bringing

On our round-the-world trip, we will be joined by promising Dutch startups and scale-ups who have embraced this philosophy and made ‘responsible tech’ their business. From changemakers in health and fintech to agri, mobility and water. These are purpose-driven and ambitious entrepreneurs who understand that by working together, we can accomplish so much more. 

Join us as we embark on our mission to inspire, to be inspired, to meet interesting people and to find opportunities –so we can fast-forward and propel positive change, anywhere, together. 

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