Ferr-Tech: changing the game of water purification

Fert-tech was only created in April 2020, and already has a CES Innovation Award in hand and its international expansion to the United States in sight. 

Ferrate (VI) as a water purifier


Although Ferrate (VI) has long been known in science as a water purifier, it wasn’t possible, to produce it in a sustainable and stable way. Until one of the co-founders of Ferr-Tech found a formula during his master’s research with which sustainable, large-scale production can be done. “Instead of just a few seconds, the substance can now have a shelf life for up to two months. As a result, we can now get it to our end user via distribution channels”, says Judith Le Fèvre, co-owner and CMO of Ferr-tech. 

A green solution to wastewater


What makes Ferrate (VI) so relevant in water purifying is that it enables a very enviornmentally friendly chemical wastewater treatment. There are no harmful chemicals involved. 

It’s a true “green chemical” as Le Fèvre says. No harmful by-products are released and it is not harmful to humans or ecological systems. A win-win solution for the environment. 

Expanding overseas


Ferr-Tech is already working on an exploration of their product in the Middle East and a pilot project in the United States. Le Fèvre told us “we are working in the US with a company that grows crops on water". 

"First, we tested in Drenthe (The Netherlands) on a testing ground, now we ship out Ferraat (VI) via cargo flights to California”. Due to the special conditions in which the substance has to be transported, costs remain very high. If the pilot succeeds, vast opportunities will open up from the young startup to settle in the States. 

Ferr-Tech: Innovation Award winner at CES


In October, Ferr-Tech was announced one of the 13 Dutch companies to win the CES Innovation Award. Learn more about their sustainable solution here

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