The Dutch participation at CES 2022

Meet the 70 startups and scale-ups that joined the Netherlands at CES 2022 this January, of which 13 took home a CES Innovation Award

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Addoptics BV
Addoptics B.V.  


Addoptics has developed game-changing manufacturing-as-a-service solutions for producing high precision optical products, in both industrial prototypes and scalable large batch productions. 

AirBliss+ B.V.

They produce the most comfortable smart breathing masks for prolonged hours and daily usage. With consumer products already launched, the company is now testing to expand to businesses within the mining and process industry. 


AlphaBeats B.V.
AlphaBeats Works B.V.

AlphaBeats offers people who care about their mental fitness a new routine for well-being and excellence. This is done through their algorithmic audio layer that responds to the music you're listening to and your biological feedback. It allows your brain to reset to a state of wakeful rest. 


Blue heart energy
Blue Heart Energy

With 15+ years of research from TNO, Blue Heart Energy has developed a new engine for heat pumps, using a thermo-acoustic technology. The pumps are clean, silent, easy to install and affordable, making them great for new and older houses. 


Brekr focuses on light electric vehicles and has launched its first product: Model B. With a revolutionary yet logical design, it is a highly customisable, smart vehicle built with innovative materials such as EVA. 


Caeli B.V.

Caeli is a European specialist in making high-quality satellite data for air quality and climate monitoring accesible, understandable and visible. This is accomplished using AI and machine learning techniques. 



Capte B.V. 

They provide IoT services in multiple different verticals. With their own hardware, software and connectivity package, they can build specific solutions for their clients. Their strengths lie in the transportation sector, allowing public and private buses to make use of their mixed fleet effectively. 




Circularise B.V.

Circularise is a supply chain transparency startup. They created a system to trace products and verify the origins, certificates, CO2 footpint and other material data on blockchain necessary to gear towards a circular economy. 


With their world-first technology (LUCY), they are the first to use technology that rapidly measures the environmental and social impact at product level. This unique level of granularity enables Dayrize to provide a holistic ecosytem of measurement and impact analysis at both business and consumer level. 


They developed a proven game-changing process for making proto-PCBAs. Their unique software and patented CNC pick&place co-bot reduced setup time and enables you to assemble your proto-PCBA in minutes.





Next generation wearables, optimised for wind-and noise-proof voice communication, hearing assist and pro level HD audio.




Their augmented information intelligence platform, EdgeFlow, is a cloud solution featuring personalised AI bot-assistants that help dig out relevant insights from a continous stream of information. 




This young startup provides smart and sustainable charging solutions, both in hardware and software. Their charging solutions can be lowered into the ground when not in use, which avoids polluting and cluttering streets and neighbourhoods, creating a cleaner and safer environment for local residents. The charges also offer insights for maintenance and energy predication and consumption.


EZ Factory B.V.

Digitised checklists, autonomous maintenance tasks, audits and work instructions to optimize operational effectiveness & efficiency of factory floor operations. The ultimate Future of Work solution for the digital enterprise, while solving the worldwide challenge of scarcity of skilled labour in a quickly digitising work environment.


Ferr-Tech     CES Innovation Award Winner 

Ferr-Tech is the global leader of Ferrate(VI) applications for industrial (waste)water treatment. Through a patented process, Ferr-Tech makes the use of Ferrate(VI) products available for the (waste)water industry. Ferrate(VI) is the strongest green oxidising chemical known. Ferrate(VI) can be used for oxidation, coagulation and disinfection. 



Incooling has taken the challenges of global warming into account and focuses on increasing energy efficiency via more sustainable cooling practises in data centres. Their cooling system is a direct-to-chip system installation, addressing the heat issue right at the source, which means no energy is wasted at cooling the infrastructure that doesn’t require it.


InPhocal     CES Innovation Award Winner 

They created a unique concentric laser beam that revolutionises the current standard. This improves production lines in terms of output, speed, sustainability and cost. InPhocal helps the transition from traditional semiconductor technology to photonics technology. 


insmart B.V. 

Their product installation companies monitor HVAC devices at the consumer's home. Service engineers work more efficiently using monitoring. This contributes to solving the shortage of service engineers. Having a single platform for all HVAC devices, independent of manufacturers, is what makes them so unique. 


This startup is on a mission to enable a personalised shopping experience that embraces diversity and inclusivity. They provide fashion brands, retailers and shoppers with a diverse library of AI-generated human models, of every shape, size, age and ethnicity. 


Light Tree Ventures Europe B.V.

Specialised in R&D of light therapy products, Light Tree Ventures created a new technology that contributes to the health and well-being of every human. Their latest project Lumaflex brings the power of light into the sports and recovery market. With the world's first flexible, powerful, red light panel, it is now possible to energise and recover muscles during training. 



Born from the belief that every child can learn coding, and have fun while doing it, LoCoMoGo create products that teach children to code through play. Their first product: a train! 

Mission Control Lab B.V. 

This Edtech hardware startup cultivates tech competency, creativity and leadership skills for future generations. Everyone from age 5 and over can use MakeOn to get creative while learning. They hope to shape the engineers, policy makers and tech consumers of the future by "making something different while learning something new".





By applying nanotechnology, photonics and machine learning, they bring a new type of diagnostics to the world. Their platform brings simplicity, speed and affordability to a field that is often lacking all three. Allowing people to get tested on multiple diseases, quickly, at any location and at acceptable prices is central to their mission.



World’s first ‘Awareable’: measures stress 24/7 through EDA. Predicts your mental state 1 hour in advance with algorithms that follow cortisol levels in real-time.





Ocean Grazer     CES Innovation Award Winner 

With the offshore wind growing exponentially, their Ocean Battery, based on proven hydrodam technology, stabilises the renewable energy system and ensures security of supply. Their patented solution reduces the local peak load of new and existing wind farms to prevent curtailment and manage the grid capacity.



They employ progressive AI image recognition technology to quantify food waste in the food services industry. By a tangible visualisation of food losses, they empower chefs to reduce their food waste considerable. As a consequence they are not only more profitable, but they are also more sustainable. 



Picoo One is the first gaming console to play outside. Their platform combines the interactive experience of gaming with the adventurous fun of playing outside. Equipped with smart sensors, lights and sound, Picoo One facilitates engaging, inclusive and exciting games for children from ages 6-12.  




RanMarine Technology     CES Innovation Award Winner 

This drone technology company specialises in building and selling remote controlled and autonomous drones called Sharks. These act as an intelligent tool swimming through water, extracting unwanted materials and gathering data about marine environments, helping customers clean and monitor their waters. 


Scentronix B.V. 

Their Algorithmic Perfumery is the AI-supported perfume creation platform available to consumers and to the industry. It allows for mass customisation of perfume and enables users to create their personalised fragrance, guided by AI. The formula is compounded on-site by an in-house developed machine. 

Sencure B.V. 

Sencure develop chips and supporting technology that enables a new generation of medical wearables that are smaller, measure more accurate and use less energy. 


Their "Heatbox" is a self-heating lunchbox which allows you to enjoy hot food anywhere at anytime. Their missions is to say steer away from expensive or unhealthy lunches, and to provide a sustainable solution for food consumption.



They produced an app using AI technology that gives insights into people, teams and organisations. With their people analytics technology, you can track well-being, resilience, adaptability and even growth and talent. 


They have merged data with paper to create paper dataloggers. Made from agricultural waste, their 100% recyclable paper can measure, remember and transmit temperature, shocks and humidity data throughout an entire supply chain. 





TokenMe's sustainable, highly accurate wearables with long-lasting battery measure presence and provide access control for people and/or assets. Anonymous data can be used for tracking and analysing virus infections.






TXTOmedia - The Video Automation Company - delivers software and services to automatically create and localise training, instruction and how-to-videos at scale, to increase time-to-market and improve customer and employee experience, all while decreasing costs and carbon footprint.

VideowindoW     CES Innovation Award Winner 

Their segmented tintable glass creates a huge transparent video screen. Based on sensors, their software can turn any content into dynamic glare control. 





Absolute Audio Labs B.V.     CES Innovation Award Winner 

This company specialises in the improvement of speech intelligibility and music perception under any circumstance. Their PYOUR audio platform-based solutions include AI and machine learning aglorithms that offer premium HD hearing enhancement. 


Avular B.V.      CES Innovation Award Winner 

Avular enables others to build new mobile robots such as autonomous drones and rovers. They developed a modular robot "brain" along with several preconfigured modular robot platforms on which any funcionality can be mounted. 


BrainCreators B.V.

BrainCreators generate digital inspectors to automate repetitive visual inspection tasks. They partnered up with experts in circular economy, public infrastructure and manufacturing domains to develop scalable digital employees. 


Care animations BV
Care Animations B.V. 

Care Animations provide reliable, easy to access and easy to understand medical information for patients using innovative communication tools and tailored, interactive, animated videos and pictograms.


Datacadabra B.V.

By licensing a framework and solutions for applied AI, they enable companies to face environmental and social goals with limited resources while also delivering a profit. They cover a wide range of sectors from agriculture to public spaces, facility management and security. 

Dimenco     CES Innovation Award Winner 

Inspired by a future filled with holograms like in Blade Runner and Iron Man, Dimenco take simulated reality out of the realm of science fiction, and turn it into fact. They unite hardware, software and technology to deliver fast, rich and natural three-dimensional experiences – with no wearables required. 



With their technology, Expivi brings a new layer to online shopping. Their integrated 3D configurator shows shoppers what their customised objetcs will look like. 

Hardt Hyperloop

With the hyperloop tube, the transport industry can become much more sustainable. Passengers and cargo travel in the tube via the hyperloop network, connecting them with cities, countries and even continents in a short period of time. 







Hydraloop Systems

The Hydraloop conceiled decentralised water recycling product range is geared towards tiny housing, urban housing, prefab housing and smaller family sized homes. It is integrated with the toilet flushing system and/or shower unit,  making it a perfect bathroom retrofit solution. 

LifeSense Group B.V.

This wearable technology company is revolutionising digital healthcare and accelerating the transition to a green and digital economy. Carin, Wil and Oopse Heroes are their first products, providing a solution to urinary incontinence. 


Nowi B.V.      CES Innovation Award Winner 

Nowi NH2 is a 3x3mm energy harvesting power management IC with the world's smallest assembly footprint. Designed to extract power from ambient energy sources, NH2 perpetually powers the battery of IoT/Consumer electronic products, becoming a sustainable, user-friendly and cost-effective alternative. 



Their effective tool solves the challenges of contactless access control management. They are experiencing an increased demand since the onset of the pandemic. Their technology encrypts data while keeping it accessible to the owner, making it a GDPR compliant integration of multiple authentication processes. This leaves the user in full control of where their data is used. 



Red Kubes B.V. 

Otomi enables a full platform experience for Kubernetes with an intuitive desktop-like user interface and ready to use pre-configured built-in applications to offer an out-of-the-box experience.


SenseGlove allows you to feel shapes, textures, stiffness, impacts and resistance of any virtual object, so you can experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviour. Their bringing touch to virtual reality!


Tekle Holographics B.V.

Tekle build customised holographic solutions for different enterprise verticals. Their state-of-the-art hardware combined with special software is a game changer in the Immersive Tech field. 



The Tovertafel is an award-winning serious games system for dementia and intellectual disability care. Tovertafel translates to "Magic Table". Their serious games unlock memorable moments and are proven to enhance quality of life. 



urban mobility systems
Urban Mobility Systems B.V.       CES Innovation Award Winner 

This clean-tech engineering company strives to enable zero-emission construction equipment and mobility solutions by offering zero-emission drive-trains and conversion systems for the electrification of construction and other industrial equipment. 

CES Digital Participants



crescent med
Crescent Medical B.V.      CES Innovation Award Winner 

The Crescent Vision Live (CVL) is a head-camera built for and with surgeons. Capturing highly detailed and accurate footage from the surgeon's perspective, the CVL is the ideal tool for sharing detailed surgical procedures with trainees, medical staff and other interested parties. 


Hiber B.V. 

Hiber is an industrial IoT-as-a-service scale-up. They design, build and operate end-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things, focused on industrial use. Hiber have launched the world's first global IoT satellite network to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-use products.

Hyfen B.V. 

Hyfen created a fully-compliant ecosystem platform that connects multiple stakeholders and supports multiparty processes and client interactions. This was done with interation on the use of Blockchain/DLT. 


Ivy Medical

Ivy Medical's new patented pump technology makes infusion therapy a side issue, allowing the patient to fully focus on their recovery. The portable pump challenges the traditional image of a hospital corridor (the infusion pole). This encourages patients to roam freely in the hospital instead of being stuck in one place, and reduces nurse workload by providing a whole-day treatment plan. 


Using the principles of biofeedback, Jawsaver has created devices that stop you from grinding your teeth. The smart earbuds continuously monitor your jaw movements and alert you when you start grinding or clenching your teeth too much. 




Morphotonics B.V.      CES Innovation Award Winner 

This company manufactures high precision roll-to-plate equipment using a revolutionary nanotechnology process enabling micron and nano-scale surface structures. This results in cost reductions, improves product quality for displays and solar panels, among others, and can be replicated over very large areas. 





PhotonFirst uses photonic integrated circuits (PICs) to disrupt measurement of temperature, strain, pressure, acceleration, vibration and shape with light. Our fiber optic systems are generating real time data and combine multiple sensing points, high accuracy and low cost.


Prowise B.V.

Prowise has been developing touchscreens (interactive screens), instructional and adaptive (AI) software packages and associated IT management for 12 years. Their passion is optimal digital education in a safe learning environment.


RetinaScope B.V. 

They are developing ophtalmology screening and telemedicine solutions. They are focusing on building a handheld, low-cost retinal imaging device to empower AI-powered screening for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD. 

Roseman Labs       CES Innovation Award Winner 

They're on a mission to solve society's biggest challenges by making data collaboration safe and easy. Their software enables data usage across multiple parties with excellent security and privacy guarantees, reducing setup time and cost for a data collaboration. 


This Rotterdam-based company is on a fast track to become the leading source of worldwide container shipping schedule data. Their network is growing rapidly as they partner up with leading ocean and inland freight companies.



They have created a cloud-based wireless temperature monitoring system for the pharmaceutical market. Today, it is being used for temperature monitoring in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. 



This startup is disrupting indoor sports using their own patented robotics platform, enabling the best indoor experience of outdoor sports.