Participating companies Collision

Meet the Dutch companies who are joining us for Collision: believers of responsible tech, and ready to co-create solutions for even bigger positive global impact.

Attached Global


Attached provides professional language services in any language and on any platform for clients with specialized translation needs (marketing, legal, technical, financial, HR, IT).


Global data platform for intelligence on startups, innovation, high-growth companies, ecosystems and investment strategies where one can discover the world's most promising companies and tech ecosystems.

Founda Health


Founda is a global platform that offers digital health solutions a single standardized interface to connect into the workflows of healthcare providers’ clinical systems with a pay for value business model that allows digital health solution vendors to bring their solutions to revenue faster.



Hable's mission is to make technology accessible for people with a visual impairment by bringing them the best assistive interfaces and applications. With products designed to assist smartphones or tablets with a simple and intuitive interface, wireless and ergonomic designs with tactile buttons.



The KeenCorp Index enables you to make better, data-backed decisions for your entire workforce. You gain a hard, data-backed view of how your employees really feel, without having to conduct a time-consuming and costly survey. Comprehensive, unbiased, and real-time. 



MEZT refines animal manure and produces bio-based mineral concentrates of the three essential fertilizer minerals (K, P & N). The MEZT technology significantly reduces NH3 emissions of agriculture and allows for circular precision farming. MEZT composes the optimal bio-based fertilizer for any crop, soil and season. They use bi-polar electrodialysis technology developed by TU Delft, which does not require chemical additives and produces green electricity.



Moving therapy forwards: Moovd develops and makes available digital  therapy.  By using technology in innovative and creative ways, they enable healthcare professionals to help more patients, more effectively. 



Nuditae is a content-sharing platform for sexual content. It’s a safe space for sexual education, exploration & expression with the objective to normalize sextech in a responsible way.


The need for sustainable products poses a challenge for lab-based chemical R&D, especially with complex fluids. Deep insights on a product’s materials are crucial to make the right prototype decisions, but traditional trial-and-error does not go far enough. RheoCube is the first digital R&D software to offer a scientifically validated alternative to physical lab experimentation. With RheoCube, a material can be designed and exposed to outside forces. Different responses and transport properties can be measured, and data visualized, all in the cloud. 



SolvGE is producing the world’s first Hydrogen Peroxide Printer. With a revolutionary technology that allows accessible green circular energy storage and generation system, it has developed a novel patented technology that allows for a safer production of H2O2 at any required concentration. From bleaching pulp to manufacturing disinfectants, from extracting gold and uranium to wastewater treatment, from oxidation reactions to manufacturing electronics; and even fueling space propulsion: SolvGE is out to make a change for a better, greener future.



Sphereon is a software technology company that offers a digital platform with advanced features for blockchain-based digital identities and secure and verifiable data exchange. The platform enables organizations to quickly build and deploy advanced solutions to manage, share and process data in a secure, verifiable and privacy-protective manner.



SwipeGuide is a cloud platform to capture, share and improve critical operational knowledge in manufacturing organizations.



TILER is disrupting the way of charging light electric vehicles. Most charging solutions for shared e-bikes are cumbersome and aren’t universal. TILER wants the world to have one tile that charges all e-bikes. That’s why they hired a specialized engineering team and partnered with TUDelft and experts in the field of Wireless Power Transfer to create a reliable and efficient solution: a charging tile, whereby the bike is inductively charged via the kickstand while it is parked. Their  patented technology is compatible with more than 80% of e-bikes and they are continually adding more to the list.



Mobility fintech connecting public transport to super apps. With the Tranzer App you can buy tickets in-app for public transport or easily book a bike or taxi. All options for your journey from A to B, fair and clear on your smartphone.