The Dutch participants for Web Summit 2023

Once again, we are joined at Web Summit by a great number of exciting startups and scale-ups. Want to know who you can meet this year? Scroll down!

At Archipel Academy, we believe in lifelong learning. We encourage continuous development, regardless of age, background or status, so that employees and organizations can stay 'fit for the future'. We aim to make the fragmented world of education more personal, impactful, affordable, and accessible in one place. Ontop of that, we take care of all the administrative hassle, so that our clients can focus on what they do best. Archipel Academy provides a unique all-in-one, user-friendly SaaS learning platform. With higher learning participation, a healthy ROI, and complete insight into L&D progress, we make our clients future-proof.

Knisper Digital Workspace increases productivity and wellbeing of all employees by improving digital accessibility through better voice audio. Knisper has been developed by Audus Technologies, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Hearing loss distorts people's ability to communicate and therefore to connect with their family, friends and coworkers. It can result in social exclusion, miscommunication and cognitive health issues. Audus Technologies is dedicated to preventing this from happening by helping the 1.5B people worldwide that are experiencing hearing loss to continue to be able to communicate with others and in doing so improve the quality of their lives dramatically.

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A premium washable diaper brand hailing from the vibrant city of Amsterdam. What began as a successful B2C venture has now evolved into a strategic partnership with daycares, focusing on revolutionising the way we approach diapers. Their innovative data-driven proposition, featuring chipped diapers, aims to revolutionise diaper usage within these institutions. By utilising cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, they are helping daycares reduce their operational costs and environmental impact by potentially saving 126million diapers in the next 3 years. Billie Wonder's success is defined by widespread adoption of washable diapers, and creating a healthier, happier planet For Tiny Changemakers...

Butlaroo is the largest self-ordering platform for restaurants in the Netherlands and beyond. We enable guests of any restaurant, bar, event or hotel to order & pay through QR codes and self-ordering kiosks. We enable restaurants to increase revenue and customer retention, while combatting personnel shortages through our automated data-driven tooling. Butlaroo is the one-stop platform for running your restaurant, offering not only self-ordering, but also point of sale, preparation screens and integrated payments. With thousands of restaurants and more than 10 million end-users throughout the world, we are rapidly expanding to build the restaurant industry of tomorrow.

We're the connection between brands and style-savvy consumers in the circular fashion world. With our brand partnerships, we're reshaping how you resell, rent, or recycle fashion on our platform, all accessible with a single click.



Do you want to have a webshop or website translated? With Clonable you can easily clone a website, making it even easier to promote your services or products to non-native speakers. Instead of building an entirely new website and having to transfer all the content, possibly having it translated, and maintaining two sites, Clonable makes a foreign site within a week. Because it is a live copy, changes on the original site are automatically applied (and translated) to the cloned site. In short: cost effective and fast copying & translation... with no maintenance issues in the future.

Did you know children start shaping their financial behaviors as early as 4? By age 7, they grasp essential financial concepts; at 9, they begin building lifelong money habits. That's where CoinKids steps in. CoinKids is the pioneering digital financial companion designed for parents who want to teach the value of money in the digital age. We empower kids to learn about money through hands-on experience, enabling them to develop healthy financial habits while gaining the confidence to manage their finances. Our mission at CoinKids is to make financial literacy accessible, enjoyable, and secure. We're dedicated to nurturing financial superheroes in the making, ensuring a brighter financial future for your child. Join us on this exciting journey towards financial empowerment!

COTIT provides a 360° Data Traceability Platform that exists out of Modular Software Components that unifies systems to consolidate data and enable Value Chain visualization: optimation and integration. An interoperable platform that enhances any operation in any industry to meet ESG, Efficiency, and Innovation goals.



Dayrize is the world-leader in product level impact assessments. Working with global retailers and brands, our software provides rapid impact assessment of consumer products aligned to globally recognised ISO standards. But we don’t just assess the impact of your products, we provide detailed product impact analytics across your entire product portfolio giving you actionable insight that will enable you to set, measure and track progress towards your sustainability goals.

Fiber Foods is an impact first company. We create value chains that add economic, social and sustainable value. Our sustainable PRIMEJACK uses our innovative technology (patent pending) to dehydrate jackfruit. Primejack is an easy to use 100% natural meat-replacer that rehydrates to 8 times its weight. It’s a new, clean, allergen-free ingredient for the alternative and hybrid meat industry. Young Jackfruit is harvested, peeled, cut and dried at source in Africa. Primejack maintains its natural, neutral taste and all of its nutritional content, allergen- and cholesterol-free, with a high fiber content (57%).

FindNFund revolutionizes the way charity is funded. We match charities and funders through an online platform, as easy as people find and book online hotels. FindNFund has the largest free database of charities and funding-organizations in the Netherlands and uses innovative AI to make funding and fundraising easier, more efficient, and more fun. Charities stand to gain an additional €100 million annually, based on our estimations. Doing good done better. We are a social enterprise. Our primary aim is to allocate more money to charity. FindNFund is founded and based in Amsterdam.

Payments Redesigned: Ignite Innovation, Unleash Your Global Business, and Reduce Costs! Globadyme is a leading Payment Service Provider, dedicated to empowering online businesses with the seamless capacity to connect to Payments across a wide range of payment methods and currencies. What truly sets Globadyme in a league of its own is its exceptional ability to reduce transaction costs by up to 50% per transaction, redefining affordability and efficiency in the process. Our mission is to drive the advancement of the payments sector. Our commitment to transparency ensures that exorbitant transaction fees are a thing of the past.

GreenAnt transforms satellite data into insights and services to enhance sustainability and climate-change resilience. We specialize in tree tokenization for carbon trading, harvest insurance, and deforestation monitoring. With our interactive platform, Desidera, farmers can tokenize trees as assets, insurers can offer sustainable coverage using our AI-based risk estimation, and agribusinesses can achieve deforestation certifications for global market access.

Welcome to HealthTalk, the AI-driven future of healthcare. Imagine a world where physicians reclaim 30% of their day, focusing on patient care rather than paperwork. We harness AI to digitize doctor-patient conversations and automate reporting, seamlessly integrating clinical vocabularies like ICD, Snomed, and Loinc. As healthcare payment models grow intricate, data entry shouldn't hinder medical decisions. In a European transcription market worth €20 billion, HealthTalk stands at the forefront. Our secure, cloud-based system streamlines documentation and amplifies patient revenue. Step into the future with HealthTalk.

HOLOFIL is a hardware + software display platform that allows capturing attention and improve engagement for marketing in retail, education, training, and gaming. It uses 3D software content. You can combine physical + virtual content in it termed as mixed reality. It works in both interactive and non-interactive mode.

Interactive storytelling platform that reverse engineers social media to grab and hold the attention of users. Rethink the way you communicate and chop up your story into more than 15 types of content to make it more effective and fun. Use your interactive story in every online and offline channel and track quantitative user data to improve the story and activation strategy.

Description: Sharesquare offers a B2B SaaS platform for creating and managing Virtual Equity Incentive Plans for employees. Companies of all sizes and across industries use it to create financial incentives based on company shares and thereby attract, motivate and retain talented people. The solution covers all the legal, financial and HR aspects required for a smooth rollout and overall success of the incentive scheme. It is the # 1 specialised software for Virtual Equity in the Netherlands.

Monetize product features, seats, and usage with solvimon’s billing platform. Solvimon offers the flexibility your teams need, empowering not only your commercial team to create pricing models in seconds but also ensuring precise and automated billing, supported by your finance teams.

Sprinque is a leading cross border B2B payments platform that enables pay-by-invoice capabilities for businesses. Sprinque makes it possible for B2B merchants and B2B marketplaces to extend payment terms to their customers, with the option for them to pay 7 - 90 days later, without taking on additional risk or operational overhead. With secure and efficient technology, Sprinque empowers merchants to streamline invoice payments, detect fraud, avoid risks, reduce administrative burdens, and accelerate cash flow. Sprinque was founded in the spring of 2021 and has offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Madrid.

Founded in 2017, The Great Bubble Barrier is a Dutch social enterprise, which developed an effective technology to stop plastic pollution in rivers before it flows into our oceans, using bubbles. Each year 1,8 million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean via rivers. Once lost at sea, plastic is almost impossible to retrieve and degrades into smaller particles. The Great Bubble Barrier successfully implemented the first-eversystem to capture plastics 24/7 using a bubble curtain in Amsterdam. This unique solution reaches the entire width and depth of a waterway without hindering the passage of fish or ship traffic.

Tradefox is an association of industry professionals banding together to eliminate unfair trading practises like fraud. We have close to 6000 members now and here at Tradefox we buy import and export data from different sources like shipping companies, customs, and several credit agencies. By our machine learning we know who traded with who and we ask our members that work at these companies, how they experienced trading with that company. We cover aspects like, integrity, shipping, payment, quality of the material and how claims are handled. So, companies are rate by the industry for the industry.

Train.Red introduces the world's smallest wearable Muscle Oxygen Sensors. We are reshaping sports monitoring. Train.Red offers real-time muscle oxygen tracking, while our app translates this data into key features to improve sports performance. Available for anyone - from sports enthusiasts to trainers and coaches, physiotherapists, and gyms. We simplify complex muscle data into a user-friendly system, categorizing effort into 5 muscle states, and providing information about supply and demand within the muscle. This innovation revolutionizes athlete training and performance. Join us at Web Summit to participate in the sports monitoring revolution, as we lead the way in simplifying performance enhancement.

µPledge is an Impact Capital Enablement solution that helps impact startups and communities achieve a more sustainable future and outcome. We’re all about: 
- Impact Investments 
- Community & Social Empowerment 
- Startup & Venture Ecosystems 

We leverage Gamification, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Technologies. Our story began when 3 co-founders from different walks of the world, Malaysia, Spain and Kenya, came together to solve a global mission. Come join in making a financial impact in the lives of ordinary people and the broader community.

At Vayapay we are committed to create a frictionless payment experience for urban mobility organisations and enable systems that make sustainable travel easy. With Vayapay, you can use your regular bank cards to effortlessly pay your fares as you hop on board. Plus, for regular travelers, a user-friendly app offers unparalleled convenience, ideal for subscription-based models like the €49 ticket in Germany. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to seamless travel!

VeriD's multi-wallet API lets customers onboard with their own digital ID wallets. Use the new generation of official EU QR code passports for online identification to access data from trusted public and private issuers for KYC, secure identity access management, and e-signatures