A chuck-full programme, the grande finale of the 4TU Impact Challenge and of course, the participants themselves. Yet, it turns out: there's even more to celebrate. Here's an overview.

Circularise to secure 11mio investment round

Living proof that going to Slush pays off (and of course, lots of hard work too!): Circularise secured €11M in funding from Brightlands Venture Partners, Asahi Kasei, Neste, 4Impact and others, after meeting at Slush last year. An amazing result, and another large step towards a data-driven circular economy.

Circularise celebrations
GreenSwapp x Crisp

GreenSwap happily announces a partnership with online supermarket Crisp ánd is able to share the news that they were awarded a grant by the Dutch Growth Fund!

Quan launch 

During the Walk of Fame that took place on Wednesday evening, Quan announced the go-live of their product: the Quan platform. This means teams now have access to a science-backed tool to work on their well-being, prevent burn out and improve team performance.

Findest launches the Universe

Findest announced the big bang of their new SaaS platform: the Findest Universe, together with an impressive list of launching customers containing Unilever, Royal Canin and Rousselot. 

Pakt to partner with Picnic

Pakt shared the news of their next big step: a collaboration with delivery supermarket Picnic! An important step, as the collaborative project will help to validate their model. 

Relement awarded 3rd place

Relement won the 3rd prize at the Neste Climate Impact Pitching Event. Out of 70 submissions, 10 got to pitch and only 3 prizes were awarded. According to the jury, "Relement can become a real game changer for the coating industry with their bio based aromatic solution".

Relement to win 3rd prize
Taem.io bot launch

BUDDY is Taem.io's brand new feature: a bot that predicts the probability of a team's success, driven by smart algorithms. It is now live.

Fledgerr offers free demo platform

Fledgerr announced that they are now officially live with their employee incentive platform, and that anyone can now sign up for the demo platform, free of charge.

Hireport to sign Recruitee and Greenhouse

A year after go-live for their employee-attraction marketplace, Hireport was able to share the news that Recruitee and Greenhouse signed on as their customers. 

Follow up for Integer's successful pilot

Integer Technologies has successfully finished their pilot for a three-apartment, and will now scale up to a block of 44 apartments.