Participating companies

This year the Dutch delegation to Slush is bigger than ever! This page will be updated with participating companies as we get closer to the opening of Slush 2023. 

Online marketplace for food ingredients and related services.

The Next Step in Surgical planning.

Augmented Reality glasses have been destined to replace the mobile phone for years. It’s finally happening now. Because AddOptics solves the final big hurdle for mass adoption of Augmented Reality glasses. Current headsets make you look like a cyborg - nobody wants to wear those everyday. AddOptics makes AR smartglasses match your personal style and prescription. With our patented lens link technology, we are making all-day, everday Augmented Reality enjoyable and accessible to everyone. ARx: Augmented Reality display lenses, tailored to you.

AI voice agents for every business build in seconds.

AIgents is a self-teaching and collaborative learning platform and community with 5 million members worldwide. Since 2018 we helped thousands of professionals to grow their skills & network and to land their dream jobs. With 125K free learning resources and AI-powered tutoring we aim to make education free & accessible for everyone. No matter where you live or what your background is.

Alkemio is a platform for accelerating impact. Empowering people working on challenges such as inclusivity, impact of AI and climate change. Providing one place where you can do it all, from community building to whiteboards and guided innovation. Breaking down the silos, enabling you to connect to, learn from and align efforts with other communities. A solution made in Europe in a time when digital platforms are dominant. Purpose driven to benefit society and with public values central, Alkemio is the trusted platform for accelerating impact.

We help teams create developer documentation, drive product adoption and close more deals. With Alphadoc, go to market teams can easily create and maintain developer docs and product onboarding, without shoulder-tapping engineering. The product creates interactive documentation, explaining APIs, SDKs, and code. On top of that, we keep it all in sync whenever the underlying code changes. With Alphadoc AI (ChatGPT for your developer onboarding), developers can now ask any question and get answers that are tailored to their context, combining tutorial content, sample code snippets, reference docs, APIs, SDKs, you name it.

We make tabletop role-playing games more epic and immersive with a specialized web-based audio streaming platform.

BikeFair is a one-stop-shop bike marketplace digitizing the 200-year-old industry: a full-service bike platform for individuals and a plug-and-play e-commerce solution for bike (work)shops, manufacturers, insurance businesses and all other industry professionals. Seamlessly find and purchase a bike including custom-offered equipment, get it serviced, home-delivered, insured, and/or fixed any time & anywhere, or resell it again. All through a single access point, online, using an existing local network of suppliers.

Bioprex Medical’s mission is to prevent infections caused by medical implants. Bioprex Medical has developed an antibacterial coating that can be fixed to various surfaces such as titanium, but also flexible materials such as silicone rubber. The coating surface can be made either stiff and very hard, for instance for orthopedic trauma material, or made to be flexible, for instance for foley catheters. In vitro (lab) results and in vivo (live cell) results show great promise for effectiveness and safety. Bioprex Medical is a spin out of the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen.

BrewRight makes carbon capture available for craft breweries to transform the food grade CO2 industry into a collaborative circular system.

AI-based wearable solution for long-term heart monitoring and diagnostics that enables smart, continuous, real time and cost-effective monitoring of patients outside of hospital settings. This delivers a connected care model which helps prevent cardiac complications while also reducing hospital admissions.

ChargeHyve delivers secure, fire-safe, and user-friendly e-bike charging lockers, revolutionizing sustainable urban mobility for large companies and the hospitality sector.

Circularise is a digital product passports and mass balance bookkeeping software provider founded in The Netherlands in 2016. Circularise’s software system helps suppliers in chemicals, plastics, battery materials, metals, and other industries to trace materials and share their environmental footprint without risking their sensitive data. By extension, it helps brands to get visibility into their Scope 3 emissions and other metrics, which is aligned with the regulatory push for digital product passports, the SEC’s proposed climate risk disclosure rules, and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.


Clax Commodities is an innovative, fast-growing environmental commodities liquidity provider. We are dedicated to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future by enabling companies to meet their environmental goals while fostering market efficiency. With a team of industry veterans, we empower businesses to contribute to a greener world through comprehensive market coverage and direct client engagement. Join us in making a meaningful impact on the environmental commodities market

Meet ClipGOAT, your ultimate tool for transforming extended YouTube videos into viral-ready Shorts, TikTok, or Reels in a flash—all thanks to the power of AI! Our innovative platform allows you to convert long-form content into engaging, share-worthy shorts with just a single click. Leverage the capabilities of our AI-driven engine for efficient clipping, ensuring only the most captivating segments of your video are highlighted. Embrace the brilliance of AI-generated captions and emojis, adding a dynamic and expressive flair to your content. Our advanced AI also facilitates highlighted colors and active speaker detection, ensuring your video is not only visually stunning but also perfectly in sync. With user-friendly editing features at your disposal, crafting polished, attention-grabbing shorts has never been easier. Transform your video content with ClipGOAT, and let the power of AI take your shorts to viral heights!

A revolutionary tool transforming coding with real-time MRI-like insights. Boost innovation, hunt down bugs, and accelerate development

Instant cloud dev environments CodeSandbox keeps you in flow by giving you cloud development environments that resume in 1 second.

Did you know children start shaping their financial behaviours as early as 4? By age 7, they already grasp basic financial concepts. Learning financial skills from an early age can be life-changing. That's where the CoinKids App comes in – it's a family-oriented financial education app designed for Generation Alpha. CoinKids offers age-appropriate educational content and features to teach kids about money, savings, budgeting, investing, and other essential financial concepts. This educational and hands-on approach can help children develop healthy financial habits from a young age, setting them on the path to financial responsibility as they grow and preparing them for the financial world they will face as adults.

We film musical instruments and utilise augmented reality to revolutionise digital music education.

Fostering transparency, the COTIT 360° solution is a data traceability platform that centralizes data, optimizes value chains, meets EU regulations, and fuels ESG, Efficiency, and Innovation.

Making Carbon Capture Cool

Over 6 million people have severe balance loss. This condition causes them to lose balance, feel dizzy and be at risk of falling. They often rely on a cane or walker and experience a poor quality of life. The BalanceBelt is smart belt with a sensor and vibration motors. When the BalanceBelt detects that you are losing balance, it vibrates in the direction of your imbalance. Your brain will interpret these vibrations as balance input. The result: regain the ability to move freely and look around without depending on mobility aids.

Enatom is on a mission to improve the quality of anatomy education and make this more accessible around the world. We created a platform for anatomy education for tomorrow’s healthcare professional. Enatom is a virtual dissection room with photorealistic content in which knowledge transfer and testing can take place in an intuitive way at any place and any time.

A fully AI-based solution, trained on your company’s data, designed to autonomously resolve tickets and deliver instant support to your customers.

eWEning star is dedicated to accelerating the Energy Transition by pioneering personal digital assistants tailored to knowledge workers in the Energy Sector. Our flagship product, Green Assistant, empowers consultants, policy makers, researchers, and other change-makers by delivering meticulously curated information aligned with their specific interests and needs. Unlike conventional search engines, newsletters, or automated alerts, we offer a unique and personalised experience, enabling our customers to concentrate on their core competencies and drive impactful change through informed decision-making.

FarmToHome is an online marketplace revolutionizing the food supply chain. Our platform directly connects consumers with local farmers, ensuring you receive the freshest, ethically sources produce straight up to your doorstep. By eliminating middlemen, we foster a transparent, sustainable ecosystem that supports local agriculture and provides fair compensation to the real producer. We make local high-quality food the norm, not the exception. 

Legal Excellence Redefined. Bringing secure and responsible AI into the legal world.

Helping surgeons to treat blocked arteries using magnetic navigation.

Challenges lie within today’s labor market; labor shortage, increasing costs of employment and internal efficiency problems. Despite the advancements of the AI revolution, resolving issues isn’t as straightforward as we think. Freeday offers digital employees (DE’s) in the KYC, Customer Service and Accounts Payable markets focussing on enterprise businesses. By using DE’s instead of process automation, we take over tasks in the most human way possible using natural language. By starting small, for example by exposing a knowledge base in the form of a conversation, our digital employee can gradually take over more repetitive tasks in an organization.


Gelectric aims to lead the Maritime 4.0 revolution by developing advanced IoT technologies for vessels. Our data-driven approach leverages IoT and machine learning to optimize performance, reliability, and safety of maritime assets. Join us in reshaping the industry through innovation and technology.

geoFluxus provides expert waste management solutions that prioritize cost-efficiency and environmental impact. We seamlessly connect waste producers with industry best practices, offering a comprehensive overview of waste processes, their environmental implications, and strategies for enhancement. Simultaneously, waste processors can source the highest quality waste and optimize their inputs to suit specialized facilities. With geoFluxus, waste management is seamlessly optimized for sustainability and financial benefits, benefiting both producers and processors.

Gigstarter is a dynamic online marketplace for live music bookings, revolutionizing the way artists and event organizers connect. Gigstarter serves as a discovery bridge, linking talented artists with potential gigs and audiences. Artists can create compelling profiles showcasing their skills, making it easier for event organizers to discover the perfect act for their occasions. With its intuitive interface and vast network, Gigstarter simplifies the booking process, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. Gigstarter offers a vibrant space where creativity meets opportunity, transforming musical aspirations into memorable performances. Our AI driven artist booking app makes live music accessible and inclusive.

Sustainable Online Publishing

Support startups to become scale-ups

Enabling the transition to data-driven maintenance

HULO is an innovative software company from the Netherlands, specialising in real-time leak detection and localisation in water distribution networks. Built upon research requested and funded by Dutch utilities, HULO can detect water losses more accurately without the need for a high number of sensors and DMA structure. This is based on (near) real-time pressure and flow data, which can accurately predict demands and generate alarms without the need for historical data. With seamless integration, HULO is at the forefront of modern water management, helping communities worldwide conserve this precious resource effectively and efficiently. Join HULO’s mission to save water!

Making the key hardware technology for the future of industrial automation

Interactive storytelling platform that reverse engineers social media to grab and hold the attention of users. Rethink the way you communicate and chop up your story into more than 15 types of content including interactive video, quiz, poll, AR, VR and AI. Make it more effective and fun to tell your story and implement it in every online and offline channel. Track quantitative user data to improve the story and your activation strategy.

Integer is the spinoff of the TU/e student team CASA. We developed a hardware and software platform that installers can use to commission, control, and monitor energy installations. With our smart control algorithms, we can reduce a building's energy consumption by up to 40%. Our hardware controller allows us to integrate with any type of installation component, making our solution suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings, whether for retrofitting or new construction.

Empowering safer roads through AI and crowdsourced data.

We simplify the commissioning, control, and maintenance of energy installations for installers, all while reducing emissions by up to 40%

Many organizational Inclusion & Diversity trainings are aimed at teaching individuals a “right” type of behavior by means of quizzes with correct and incorrect answers. They assume a simple silver bullet approach to becoming more inclusive. The result? No meaningful conversations and no change. IT’S UP TO YOU is an interactive VR simulation training for organisations in which employees get confronted with fictional Inclusion & Diversity situations. Using experience-based learning, participants act as the main character, determine the actions and experience the consequences. Afterwards, employees participate in a group-based workshop to reflect and create effective policy on all organisational levels.

Helping wheelchair users stand-up for themselves!

Process-data preparation made easy

Lexius offers plug-and-play software (SaaS) that detects shoplifting using AI and computer vision, and sends notifications to store owners via a mobile app.

LiveDrop Technology addresses modern digital challenges with their secure, offline, and unidirectional technology. By opening the doors to a world where individuals have control over their digital interactions, they create new opportunities for data exchange, interoperability, and information management. Simply by sending data through or scanning the LiveDrop code, they facilitate seamless and offline data exchange. Their patented X-Platform Technology guarantees users access to digital connectivity benefits while preserving privacy and security.

Matter of Facts is an AI-powered data-as-a-service platform that makes scientific insights an easy-access info source for business stategists and analysts, generating science-backed answers to individual questions.

Medical X is a leading innovator in high-fidelity medical simulators, redefining healthcare training. Our cutting-edge simulators closely mimic human physiology and behavior, offering an immersive, lifelike learning experience. We empower healthcare professionals to develop essential skills and confidence in a risk-free environment, ultimately improving patient care. With a strong commitment to innovation, we continuously push the boundaries of simulation technology. Our mission is to transform medical education and enhance patient outcomes through unparalleled realism and effectiveness.

Powering efficiency by developing energy harvesting technology and wireless sensor applications. is a biasfree talent platform helping businesses find and work with 15,000 Gen Zer's based on data, not gut feeling. Students can find (freelance) jobs, inhouse days, internships and other career-related opportunities. Businesses can manage all their talent needs in one place. Our platform facilitates matchmaking, contracts, timetracking and payments, fully automated. Our vision is to become the new global standard in hiring talent, with our data providing 360-degree insights into profiles. Serving a community of 15,000 students and counting, our in-house tech champions unbiased hiring at scale.

MycoFarming offers tailor-made solutions for soil & water bioremediation and enzymatic supplements for water treatment facilities. Our granular additives degrade nitrates, phosphates and pesticides with ease and are currently being researched for the treatment of PFAS, and PCBs. If extraction of the pollutants is necessary, we also offer engineered mini-ecosystems to bio-accumulate the pollutants treated by our enzymes. Our solutions have the benefits of being cost-effective and really good for the environment, with a more thorough result and less energy costs, compared to traditional bioremediation methods. We offer solutions for agricultural, urban, and industrial wastewater treatment. MycoFarming: Clean soils & waters

Naya develops an ecosystem of input devices and software engineered for peak work efficiency. Naya Create is an award winning modular keyboard designed for developers, engineers, and 2D/3D artists. It elevates productivity and offers endless customization, along with its tailor-fit software Naya Flow.

OASYS NOW is developing a Personalized Health Platform, where patients get access to personalized treatment options, such as clinical trials, worldwide, through automatic matching based on their unique data profile. Furthermore, our technologies will be integrated into existing health databases & hospital systems, to identify patients that are eligible for a clinical trial. For sponsors of clinical trials (i.e. life science companies), we speed up patient recruitment and provide data insights (RWD/RWE) by leveraging the Platform's network of healthcare providers, patients, and industry partners. These RWD insights help sponsors in trial design, site selection & analyzing real-world drug performance.

On Technology, founded in November 2022, develops digital experiences aimed at revolutionizing how friends connect and meet. Our primary product, ON, is a map-based mobile application that enhances real-time coordination for spontaneous plans. Our Amsterdam team of seven brings a wealth of passion and expertise in consumer mobile tech, primarily focusing on the Dutch market but with a vision for global impact. Our mission to integrate convenience into users daily lives, empowering them to live in the moment and foster genuine human connections.

Ore Energy is developing a long term and cost effective battery technology based on some of the most abundant materials to make renewable energy available 24/7.

Orquesta is a no-code platform that enables companies to safely integrate and operate all leading Large Language Models (LLMs) into their business applications. The platform allows seamless switching and operations of different models. Workflows and playgrounds for prompt engineering simplify experimentation, versioning and configuration by domain experts. Real-time monitoring and observability provide product teams with insights for continuous improvement. This is supported by real-life feedback from end-users and internal domain experts for future fine-tuning. This makes LLM Ops transparent and scalable, shortening customer release cycles and minimizing engineering costs.

Pal is the very first digital platform for at-home palliative care. We help patients, family members, and healthcare providers in tackling the core challenges of everyday palliative caregiving, including care provision, symptom management, and care team collaboration.

We create games that make you smile - be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin. Our mission is to create games that have a positive impact on people. We aim to achieve this by focusing on creative play, uplifting games, and meaningful connections. We are based in The Netherlands, founded in 2005, and have a team of 50 Paladins. Our partners include Nintendo, Apple Arcade, Netflix, LEGO, Bandai Namco, and others. Notable games include Good Job!, Cut The Rope 3, My Tamagotchi Forever, and many more.

PlantWizard is bridging science with entrepreneurship, sustainably.

We enable politicians and other decision makers to make policies that better serve the people it concerns by researching what large groups of people care about.

Welcome to Pie, where we've crafted a game-changing solution for transforming the way you interact with textual data. At Pie, we've pioneered a revolutionary tool that allows you to seamlessly interrogate, unearth profound insights, deconstruct content, generate concise summaries, and construct knowledge-driven visualizations from a multitude of text sources. Be it emails, documents, customer feedback, or scientific literature, our advanced technology empowers you to harness the full potential of your data. With Pie, you'll embark on a journey into a new realm of information analysis and knowledge synthesis, ushering in a future where enlightenment and informed decisions are just a slice away. Join us and experience the delight of Pie—your recipe for a smarter tomorrow.

Root Sustainability is committed to redefining the norm by making product footprints universal. Our mission is to provide companies with universal access to high-quality product footprints to comply, do good, and grow. Built upon the foundation of the life cycle methodology, our solution empowers companies, regardless of their prior expertise, to learn about and act upon the full footprint of their products and organisation. Our platform includes automatic life cycle formation, a matching algorithm to convert customer data into measurable impact, a user-friendly data collection platform to streamline collaboration, a scenario builder to reduce impact, and reporting tools for compliance and marketing

No-code platform for XR safety training.


Sirius is a sustainability copilot for teams in metals and mining sector. We need 6 times more metals to meet the world Net Zero ambition, and Sirius supports this crucial sector in transforming sustainability goals into action through automation and step-by-step guidance.

Monetize product features, seats, and usage with solvimon’s billing platform. Solvimon offers the flexibility your teams need, empowering not only your commercial team to create pricing models in seconds but also ensuring precise and automated billing, supported by your finance teams.

Spatialise combines the accuracy of soil samples with the scalability of satellites. The artificial intelligence offers analysis and insights into the soil health of agricultural lands. Spatialise is backed by Wageningen University & Research. Spatialise's state-of-the-art API solution boasts over 85% accuracy and reliability compared to soil samples, minimises the need for soil sampling by 90%, and offers an 90% cost reduction. Ultimately supporting land users with targeted fertiliser application to help with meeting environmental regulations, maintaining profitability and preventing land degradation.

Staxxer is revolutionizing e-commerce with an innovative, automated solution for managing European VAT. The software, Staxcloud, effortlessly integrates with a multitude of online selling platforms, simplifying VAT to make it both understandable and manageable. Committed to providing accessible, cost-effective VAT compliance, Staxxer not only liberates entrepreneurs from daunting fiscal complexities but also clears the path for unrestrained growth and expansion. More significantly, their ingenious approach empowers e-commerce ventures to transcend international borders with ease, effectively eliminating the hurdles presented by varying VAT regulations across countries.

StellarUp is an end-to-end scalable learning and development platform that meets the needs of the entire employee lifecycle. With StellarUp you can: 
• Promote a culture of learning and development 
• Measure progress, engagement and retention 
• Connect and build relationships of knowledge-sharing 
• Develop meaningful connections within your organization is a SaaS HR & ED Tech platform, to BUILD BETTER TEAMS. With the engaging and gamified app, you analyze talents and teams within 15 minutes and supercharge change, development, and boost productivity 10x! The app predicts future behavior and a teams’ success in achieving the goals and get results. Predict your team's success and monitor progress on important themes like leadership, wellbeing and engagement, growth. The explainable AI gives real time insights, data-driven answers, and actionable results.

Tapp is dedicated to transform data monitoring through eco-friendly paper dataloggers. These cutting-edge devices offer sustainable solutions by replacing traditional electronic data loggers with recyclable paper materials and eliminating the need for lithium batteries. Tapp's commitment to environmental responsibility and its unique, forward-thinking approach position it as a pioneering force, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future while delivering efficient data tracking solutions to various industries. With its focus on sustainability, technological innovation, and a growing market demand for eco-conscious solutions, Tapp stands out in the data monitoring industry.

Tradesnest is a global AI-powered B2B SaaS-Marketplace platform helping innovative brands expand in new markets through the best distribution partners globally in a smart way, saving them time and money. In only two years, we are now working with 1250+ brands, distributors, and retailers in 100+ countries. We are backed by Atomico Angels, Hearst, Rabobank, and INH. Join us on our mission to digitize the retail distribution industry!

Triple Green Innovation ontwerpt en verkoopt trays voor het telen van onder andere slateelt op water. Naast het bieden van diverse mogelijkheden aan tray's voor de slateelt sector, denken wij graag mee met het bedenken en ontwerpen van andere producten voor het telen van andere groentes op water. Daarnaast denken wij graag mee met onze klanten en zijn wij flexibel in het maken van nieuwe producten, door de goede en vertrouwde samenwerking met onze matrijzenbouwer Maku.

Treatment of sewage and industrial wastewater sludge is expensive due to increasing rates for incineration of landfill. And valuable materials and energy are lost, when using these “old” methods. TORWASH develops an innovative technology that is 50-60% cheaper and fully converts sludge on site into solid biofuel, biogas and fertilizer. TORWASH makes wastewater treatment plants sludge-free, leading to 85% less transport and avoidance of fossil chemicals. CO2 emissions become therefore 50% lower. As per 2026, the TORWASH solution will be commercially available, either as an investment by or as a service to owners of wastewater treatment plants.

Zero trust, requires to trust nothing and verify everything, yet we are verifying everything except content and data. Ubiqu enables content provenance taking zero trust to new level. Digital transformation initiatives inevitable run into barriers caused by lack high quality identities causing lack of content provenance, Ubiqu turns these initiatives into secure, user friendly and profitable digital journeys. Ubiqu core IP is to deliver the cryptographic components to make eIDAS 2.0 Wallets level of assurance High. The innovation Ubiqu brings is a way to remotely add a hardware based token to existing mobile phones maintaining the high level of security that hardware provides.

µPledge is an Impact Capital Enablement solution that helps impact startups and communities achieve a more sustainable future and outcome. We’re all about: 
- Impact Investments 
- Community & Social Empowerment 
- Startup & Venture Ecosystems 
We leverage Gamification, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Technologies. Our story began when 3 co-founders from different walks of the world, Malaysia, Spain and Kenya, came together to solve a global mission. Come join in making a financial impact in the lives of ordinary people and the broader community.

Advanced Intraperitoneal Drug Solutions for Oncology.

VRelax is a Virtual Reality relaxation tool for stress, burnout, anxiety and gloom. But also a distraction tool for pain, physical discomfort and medical technical procedures. Science shows that people experience 40% less stress within ten minutes and persevere the day. Our practical solution relieves healthcare professionals and reduces end-user medication use. Focus and concentration is often a problem when performing relaxation exercises. We make it easy for people to relax without any effort. This is how we make healthcare a little better every day!

Vess360 is a unique AI Engine that detects 6 universal human emotions solely based on the Human Voice. So no written text analytics, but real voice analytics! This makes sentiment analytics of conversations 5 times more reliable! Also Vess360 provides in depth insights, and shows hidden trends for improving customer and employee satisfaction and well being! We are a Dutch based startup located in Rotterdam. Vess360 has a MVP ready for you to test! Are you joining us in our revolutionary journey in unlocking the Power of the Human voice?

We help runners Stride Smart, Run Safer, and Go Faster!

Young Heroes is the coaching & career program for young professionals working in marketing and communication. On our platform, we match young talent with expert coaches, provide field-relevant trainings and workshops and share honest advice on career and development-related topics. 

In short: We make career growth and employee development easy. Young Heroes is made with 💜 in the North of the Netherlands by a small, international team on a mission to empower young professionals to confidently shape their future.