Participating companies Digital Demo Day

Meet the Dutch companies joining us for Digital Demo Day: believers in responsible tech, and ready to cocreate new digital business models, products and solutions with an impact.



4DR Studios is the first and only volumetric video capturing studio in the Netherlands. We bring 'soul to digital' through high-quality volumetric productions that capture even the subtlest movement and expression in razor-sharp detail. Volumetric video is the only way to duplicate 100% of human movements and emotions in 3D, and therefore essential for AR, VR and so-called metaverse experiences. Since our opening in 2019, we deliver high-quality volumetric productions for a broad variety of clients. From pre-production and shoots to the final product, 4DR Studios is at your side. In all phases of the project, with competence and commitment.



Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption. Half (!) of that energy consumption is often lost because installations do not function optimally. ACS specialises in saving energy in building installations through the use of data and artificial intelligence. ACS views the building installation as a system, able to learn when trained properly. Our building platform Climatics manages building installations for heating, cooling and ventilation and optimises their energy use. Smart algorithms can set installations to the most optimal configuration. Without major investments or adjustments to the building, Climatics is able to save 20-50% of a buildings energy use.



Expand your site or webshop with another language within 1 week?

Normally it costs an enormous amount of time and money to copy and translate a site or webshop. With Clonable it is only a fraction of that. And it's almost maintenance free...



Software is getting more complex, the impact of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are not good enough. Human software security experts are just irreplaceable, but there are not enough. Therefore Codean developed a toolbox to make security experts work 2x faster; up to 10x for specific tasks.

The Codean ‘review environment’ supersedes the IDE for security experts: because it is optimised for security code review. Features range from keeping track what is reviewed, to symbiotic taint analysis, to easy report composition. Codean was founded in 2020, has 11 employees and 1.4M funding in total.

Cursor Asset Management

We provide visual inspections from the safety of your desk. Accurate inspection reports derived from 3D digital twins. Let our cutting-edge AI be your second pair of eyes. When visual inspections are required of large assets, our Digital Twin technology combined with artificial intelligence will be very helpful. This way of visual inspection will prevent putting people in harm's way. No access to equipment or downtime of your asset is required for conducting a visual inspection by a person due to the high-resolution images (100MegaPixel). We are specialised in general visual inspections, subsidence, crack analysis and corrosion.



KeenCorp is a leader in Workforce Analytics and provides the insights you need to measure employee engagement. These insights are derived from the analysis of data that already exists in the day-to-day workflow: emails, Microsoft Teams chats, etc.

The KeenCorp Index enables you to make better, data-backed decisions for your entire workforce. You will know how your employees really feel. Comprehensive, unbiased, and real-time. KeenCorp Index lets you keep track of your workforce performance, gain insight of how your employees feeling, get organisational insights without conducting a survey and proactively retain employees.

Livery Video

The market for live streaming has exploded in the past years. Yet today's online video platforms are expensive, scale poorly with high latency and lack interactive capabilities. Livery provides the first end-to-end, affordable, easy-to-use solution for truly interactive live video. Our SaaS solution for low latency and synchronous live streaming with integrated interactivity is a great fit for live commerce, eSports, trivia, business and entertainment events and sports betting. Our product is live and has launched with customers in the US and Europe.



PublicSonar’s mission is to put life-saving information at the fingertips of emergency services. We serve police, public safety bodies, security specialists, and those responsible for emergency response, transportation, and critical infrastructure. Since 2012, we’ve harnessed the latest advances in artificial intelligence to extract real-time information from social media and other public data sources. By instantly providing relevant data in the right context, we help emergency services reduce risks and save lives.



SecuMailer provides secure email for all companies who needs to send confidential information to their customers and partners.

SecuMailer is a Dutch SaaS solution that integrates perfectly easy with your email environment. We handle all your secure e-mails with S/MIME, TLS and Open PGP encryption protocols. When the recipient is a natural person without S/MIME, we deliver the e-mail with SMS code into his inbox.

SecuMailer improved the secure email experience into a natural and easy experience for sender and recipient. SecuMailer is TüV certified for ISO 27001, has customers in the financial sector, large insurance companies and the Dutch government (local and national).



Stiply is a digital signing solution established in the Netherlands. Our SaaS signing solution is widely adopted in different kind of industries in the Benelux, from local small paining companies, to lenders and hospitals. Over more than a thousand companies rely on the user friendly signing software of Stiply. With the Stiply software customers handle almost every type of document or contract to sign digitally.

Our focus is to develop a software solution that is easy to use without implementation periods or a manual with complex explanation. We believe that our software not only has to sign documents, but has to be very user friendly and self-explaining. 

Urban Mobility Systems


Urban Mobility Systems is a clean tech engineering company that enables zero-emission construction equipment and mobility solutions. UMS, founded in 2016 by Lars Kool, is an OEM supplier of zero-emission powertrains for the electrification of construction equipment and vehicles with a focus on series production. Our customers are OEMs, distributors and fleet owners/operators.

Our expertise in battery-based electricity systems means that we are often called upon to support leading manufacturers and importers with electrification solutions. Our electrification kits make the zero-emission construction site for earth, water and road construction a reality: completely free of CO2, NOx or particulate matter. We do this by replacing the traditional diesel engine and using a unique interchangeable LFP battery pack from 130kWh to 200kWh. Road transport has to become more sustainable, posing a major challenge for the sector. We offer a unique and widely applicable concept for a range of applications from 3.5 to 50+ tonnes of zero-emission transport.

Construction sites need to be equipped with charging points for electric machines. In this area, we offer the perfect selection of chargers and interchangeable LFP battery packs to meet any demand.



WE.VESTR is the equity management platform designed by founders, for founders. We save founders time by centralising the cap table, financials, KPIs, legal documents, employee ownership plans and equity reward frameworks on a single platform. We’re on a mission to power the acceleration of the next-gen global companies!



Zarttech connects vetted senior IT experts (technical and non-technical) from Africa via our all-in-one platform containing recruitment tech with an advanced AI matching & productivity tool for monitoring remote work, payment system and relocation/immigration technology for on-site work.



ZYNYO provides a Saas platform for digital identity verification and digital signing at the highest security and reliability level.

Most internal business processes are completely paperless, but often the signing of documents is still done on paper. This requires that documents are being printed, sent by mail, physically signed and sent back by mail.

With ZYNYO's high-end platform you are assured of an easy, safe and international accepted solution to digitally sign any agreement. You can will have more assurance your contracts have been signed legally and binding than you were accustomed to with a physical signature.