The Dutch participants for Websummit 2022

Once again, we are joined at Websummit by a great number of exciting startups and scale-ups. Want to know who you can meet this year? Scroll down!



Climate change and sustainable development demands action from all of us. We have an interactive platform to engage, inspire and activate large groups of people to think and act more sustainable. A proven method for behavioural change with gamification as an accelerator. Competitive and fun, achieving results together. Our platform is a white-label software as a service solution for consultancy and training companies all over the world, to engage their clients on sustainability topics. Together with our licensed partners we aim to activate 2 billion people by 2030. To create a social tipping point and set a new norm for a sustainable society and economy. Let’s change the world playing.



Being able to read well is a must to function optimally in today’s society. But reading does so much more! By reading you learn to empathise with others; useful in a time dominated by social media where meaning and emotion can be interpreted differently in short messages. In addition, reading promotes the development of young people and their personal growth. It strengthens concentration, reduces stress and stimulates curiosity.

Booqio fills the gap: a contemporary, supplementary education programme in which young people motivate each other to read books. They exchange their reading experiences and stimulate each other through short vlogs in the Booqio app. The educational institution and teacher are in control and can closely monitor the progress of each student.


Budget2Pay is an online cost effective B2B procurement & sales platform where supply meets demand. Our solutions enable companies to drive competitiveness through collective buying advantages, streamline procurement and financial processes by implementing a best practices tool. We help companies maximise profits by controlling the operational costs and spend.

B2P has also developed a public and closed “Online Smartbuy marketplace” App and portal to enable small and midsized companies to offer their products & services online and for buyers to purchase locally and support the local economies. The marketplace can be easily disclosed to large companies using the Budget2Pay platform.



CityLegends is an urban sports platform where you explore the world and battle to gain street credit with Web3, gaming and social elements. CityLegends is already working with 30+ cities, 15+ brands and 30,000 users across Europe.



Do you want to have a webshop or website translated? With Clonable you can easily clone a website, making it even easier to promote your services or products to non-native speakers. Instead of building an entirely new website and having to transfer all the content, possibly having it translated, and maintaining two sites, Clonable makes a foreign site within a week. Because it is a live copy, changes on the original site are automatically applied (and translated) to the cloned site. In short: cost effective and fast copying & translation... with no maintenance issues in the future.



Dayrize is a climate-tech company that assesses the environmental and social impact of consumer products. Our world leading technology can rapidly and accurately measure the impact of any consumer product, providing transparency to both businesses and consumers.



Artificial Intelligence changes the way we live, work, care, teach and interact with each other. That's why transparency, explainability and security of AI models is more important than ever.

Deeploy offers a safe and secure environment to deploy your models and enables you to continuously monitor your model performance with confidence and responsibility. Deeploy provides organisations with high-risk AI use cases applications a responsible AI platform and creates the opportunity to implement explainable Machine Learning models while enabling interaction between humans and AI. Setting the technical foundation for Responsible Machine Learning, connecting creators and consumers.


Deity is the leading PaaS Platform built for the world of Composable Commerce Experiences. Utilizing their Commerce Composer, online enterprises can connect external and company-internal systems, while combining and orchestrating data flows to deliver adaptable and flexible webshops that can keep up with evolving customer preferences. Delivering digital experiences that exceed customer expectations, enabling commerce without limitations. Ready for future growth.



Dexper helps enterprises to reach global audiences with consumable, accessible and personalised content through digital experiences. We do that by building white-label platforms for flagship virtual and hybrid events, video on demand and content resources. Our platforms Dexper Events and Dexper 365 are made for enterprises. This means they are built to be reliable, with zero downtime to date, completely customisable to our client’s requirements and data-driven, providing insights based on our advanced data solutions. Next month Dexper will have the biggest code company host their flagship event on our platform, expecting more than 30,000 virtual attendees!



Expivi is a 3D Configurator as a Service that enables an on-demand business model, connecting clients, suppliers, and production in one single platform. Powered by a 3D and augmented reality, Expivi uses CPQ (configure, price, quote) software to solve personalisation and customisation challenges for B2B and B2C.

The platform streamlines the sales journey by allowing the customer to configure the perfect version of a product and automating the bill of materials for manufacturers, therefore providing a faster time-to-market, and reducing production errors. A solution to engage customers, decrease return rates, and reduce inventory/waste. Toward a direct-to-consumer zero waste eCommerce.

intelligence group


Data & Tech company Intelligence Group bridges the gap between supply and demand on the labour market. Unique and own talent intelligence data and insights in every European country forms the basis of all innovative labour market and recruitment solutions. Intelligence Group ensures corporates, agencies, tech, jobboards and platforms with the right data at their disposal to solve all types of labour market challenges. One of the leading reports is the European Talent Intelligence Manual 2022. This report is full of information about the job market such as how many people are employed, which media platforms they prefer, how often they are approached by applicants for a new job and much more.



Mailsociety is the email app for your personal life. We recognise the struggles of the email wave that’s flooding your inbox every day. But if you need to find a specific email, you can’t. That’s why we started building Mailsociety. Instead of improving an old fashioned inbox, we took a more modern approach. By visually displaying- and bundling emails, our app helps you find what you’re looking for at a glance.



We make magic happen in your teams! We are a team-centric developmental platform with team and individual insights, performance tools, and automated & expert coaching. We enable you to spot team challenges and frictions, proactively resolve them, and help your team grow. Upskill managers by giving insights, actionable advice, and powerful tools to adapt how they lead. Boost agility by creating alignment, goal clarity, and improving the way you work. Empower your teams today with Opteamize!


Optimizers offers solutions for all aspects of your commercial and logistical organisation. We offer the perfect technology for an efficient process in the entire order to delivery chain: organising your product data, building a B2B or B2C webshop and optimising it, facilitating on-site sales, improving warehouse management, and planning and executing your logistical flows. With strong brands such as App2Track, Tweakwise, and Core-suite, we service a large portion of the European market.



Peekabond is a child-friendly app that connects faraway families. The Peekabond app offers daily playful activities based on scientific child development milestones. Family members can record themselves doing the activities, and share and save these videos for their little ones. Stickers can be added and their response can be captured. You can download the app in the app stores (both IOS & Android). The app went live late last year and it's been downloaded in more than 60 countries since. Peekabond gives children the positive screen time they want and the family connections they deserve.

Political Inzights


Political Inzights focuses on modernising political engagement. We aim at creating insights on the political data we are harvesting (3 million+ items). This data is factual, it is the starting point of political transparency and the basis for our services.

Using our own AI we are creating a political intelligence layer on top of the data. Our mission is to build engaging interfaces for the general public giving it a seat at the political table again (not only during elections). Our mission is making people more resilient to fake political news by creating access to the factual formal publications and the context in which they are published



RheoCube is a SaaS company located at Amsterdam Science Park. Our breakthrough solution, RheoCube, complements wet lab experimentation while future-proofing chemical R&D. It does so by empowering scientists to formulate, experiment and share results - all in the cloud. Even non-modeling experts can use RheoCube to accelerate their research. Our clients come from a range of industries, such as coatings, homecare, personal care or cosmetics. Companies use our solution to build a smarter R&D cycle and faster go to market. RheoCube also provides research insights not possible before and one source of truth on the formulations in their products.



The challenge: digital fraud. How can you trust the data and documents you receive? How can you be sure they are not manipulated? And as a user, how can you trust that your data remains private and under your control? Sphereon creates trust in data and documents. By digitally signing data using W3C- and ISO standards the receiver can automatically verify and process the data and documents. With secure digital wallets that leave the control with the owners and allows them to share their data, on request, with other parties. Sphereon is looking for partners to co-create and implement solutions.



Stiply is a digital signing solution established in the Netherlands. Our SaaS signing solution is widely adopted in different kind of industries in the Benelux, from local small painting company, to lenders and hospital. More than a thousand companies rely on the user-friendly signing software of Stiply. With the Stiply software, customers handle almost every type of document or contract to sign digitally. Our focus is to develop a software solution that is easy to use without implementation periods or a manual with complex explanations. We believe that our software not only has to sign documents, but has to be very user-friendly and self-explaining.



Tweakwise offers a complete e-commerce optimisation suite for product discovery with personalised search, merchandising, and recommendations. The SaaS platform is effective in all sectors of e-commerce and works on every platform. Improve your shop step by step, as you advance through our four-step journey to maximum conversion. Integrate Tweakwise into your shop using their easy Javascript implementation or use the extensive REST API. Tweakwise’s short time to market lets you quickly upgrade your shop to turn more visitors into customers. A dedicated customer success team guides you through the process of optimising your shop and is always at your disposal.



Valyuu is a circular economy marketplace that provides people with an easy and trusted way to sell & buy pre-owned goods. Founded in 2021, Valyuu is a Techstars portfolio company based in the Netherlands.



WE.VESTR is the shareholder management platform for founders, by founders. From incorporation to fundraising to ESOPs, we simplify equity to create more collaboration and financial inclusivity in startups.



Zarttech helps you scale your business with senior IT experts from global diverse minorities on a remote, hybrid or on-site (EU region) basis. We also help you excellently get your IT project done. We provide you with the best hand picked senior talent within 24 hours if needed. We are on a mission of bridging the talent gap by using innovative technologies and processes that combat recruitment biases. We remove obstacles that prevent the connection of diverse talent to global work opportunities, mitigate risks, and build trust resulting in a handshake between all stakeholders.